Don’t Hate the “Spiritual” High Achiever

We live in a time where many have the tendency to unconsciously project their “stuff” onto others.

Last year, I intentionally disentangled my energy from a few communities that felt misaligned with where I desire to go in life.

While my result-oriented coaching methods consist of some esoteric elements, I don’t hide the fact that I am, and always will be, a high achiever, despite whatever modalities I choose to use in my work.

I am led by my vision and my heart.

I enjoy setting higher goals for myself and achieving them.

I am deeply committed to unleashing my fullest potential, and making an impact with my soul brilliance and gifts.

I joyously invest an equal amount of energy into creating fulfillment, health, purpose, personal growth, pleasure, success, expansion, and abundance.

And I am passionate about showing my clients how to accomplish exactly the same in life and business.

I don’t get a ton of hate. This mostly happened in the recent past, and it is a post I’ve been meaning to publish for a while. Most of the funky energy came from stranger men on social media who believe I have violated some invisible codes they have created within their minds as to what a “spiritual” woman who works with plant medicine and psychedelics should look like.

I also want to state that I have an overflow of love, inspiration and support in my life, and I am not looking for advice as I am 100% centered in my self-worth and embodied wholeness, though I thank you for your love. 

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I am only sharing this because as a former teacher, I cannot pass up a great teaching opportunity to broadcast some very important messages.

These men cannot tolerate the idea that a “spiritual” woman is also a successful and high achieving leader who is here to take a powerful stand for what she believes in.

They are processing their own shadows, repressed desires, and unconscious self-judgment of their desires. And they are looking for ways to cope with the internal conflict, sometimes in the most unconscious and self-sabotaging ways.

So much needs to happen internally to motivate a human being to reach out to a total stranger on social media, and dump all their anger and insults onto that person as if she is the cause of all his problems, as well as the chaos in this world.

Personally, I have no tolerance for such behavior. I simply block those who believe hate, jealousy, judgment and entitlement are the ways to move humanity forward.

Many of those who are going through the initial stages of a spiritual awakening experience magnified polarities.

That is, they divide people and experiences into good and bad, light and evil. They see all the wrongdoings in the world, and have the urge to purify themselves from all that is worldly – money, sex, body, pleasure, and desires, just to name a few.

They are purging decades, perhaps lifetimes of limiting conditioning and powerlessness.

They cannot yet differentiate between ego desires and heart’s desires due to a lack of higher awareness and internal integration. They live from a false and lesser identity of who they are, and invest all their energy into creating from lack, disillusionment, separation, and unworthiness.

By renouncing all desires (and sometimes the body) in order to merge with a certain blissful state they believe is the destination of their awakening journey, this is still coming from the ego. It’s a clever ego mechanism of escaping from confronting unprocessed pain and shadows.

Sooner or later, if they do the work, they will reach a place of inner union – they cease seeing division, and truly embrace oneness. Not the forced oneness from bypassing dense emotions, but a genuine embodied oneness – embodied body, mind and spirit, and feminine and masculine creative energies.

This state of being does not solely take place in the upper energy centers and mindset, but in the entire body as a result of co-creation with others. This is part of the vision embodiment process I teach my clients which is key in moving onto practically upgrading their lives and businesses.

This inner shift is crucial in creating the most aligned and fulfilling results.

Without this embodiment, results will always be hit or miss – for the simple fact that there is a lack of inner integration and unification. This is why just knowing the theories, going to hundreds of ayahusca ceremonies, or adopting million dollar marketing strategies from Frank Kern and a ClickFunnel isn’t always enough.

When I got here a while ago, it was as if I remembered Who I Truly Am for the first time.

Words cannot do justice here. I experienced inner completion and sovereignty – a highest level of wholeness, consciousness, perfection, divine grace and radiance from the inside out, which quickly resulted in amazing next-level results in my life, business, finances, and relationship.

You see, each of us is an extension and expression of an infinite creative energy, some call it Divine, Spirit, or God.

This infinite creative energy has no agenda. It has no rules, belief systems or codes as to what a “spiritual” person should conform to, for the simple reason that there is nothing on earth that is unspiritual.

This energy isn’t an omnipotent being sitting somewhere out there in the sky, passing judgments by rewarding some and punishing others. It isn’t even a noun, but a verb.

It is an invisible and eternal creative substance that is always in a state of expansion – folding and unfolding, manifesting and un-manifesting.

It can morph into any form when we impregnate it with a thought, but its original state is formless and nameless.

We are both it, and of it.

There is no polarity. There is no separation. Our true nature is Spirit.

Spirit is WHOLENESS – wholeness encompasses the frequencies of perfection, grace, appreciation, love, gratitude, abundance, and radiance.

If you create your personal and professional results from this state, aka. your Highest Self, there is no room for scarcity, fear, hate, competition, greed, jealousy or poverty – unless it is your choice.

This infinitely creative, expansive and playful energy knows of no constriction, lack, or brokenness. It can never run out of itself.

However, given that it is infinite which means it has the power to be anything, whatever you activate in your mind and body is what you bring into your physical reality.

Some spiritual communities have been unconsciously playing out the outdated beliefs of the wounded masculine such as the need to suffer and struggle before reaching Nirvana. There is also a fair amount of religious trauma involved that says we must be a certain way (poor, repressing desires, denying the body, etc.) to please Spirit.

Let me be clear, I do not subscribe to the view that there is no suffering in this world. However, suffering is the result of resistance, and resistance can only come from the ego. Spirit knows of no resistance.

This isn’t to downplay anything. As human beings, we all experience unfavorable, and sometimes distressing circumstances. But in the end, it pays to have the inner mastery and awareness to understand that we are not our circumstances.

Choosing to shift the perspective on suffering does NOT mean choosing not to get uncomfortable, step outside of our safety zone, or lean into our growth edge.

When it comes to “ego,” a word I see thrown around a lot, we actually have the power to choose to live from a place that isn’t defined by its constraints.

Lack comes from ego.

The need to compete or put others down comes from the ego.

Confusion comes from the ego.

Poverty comes from the ego.

Procrastination comes from the ego.

Excuses come from the ego.

Hate comes from the ego.

Greed comes from the ego.

The urge to hide and downplay your brilliance comes from the ego.

The idea of living from poverty and struggle in order to please a fictional God “out there somewhere” comes from the ego.

Fear of self-expression and broadcasting your essence comes from the ego.

Fear of judgment for claiming your results comes from the ego.

Fear of success comes from the ego.

Fear of failure comes from the ego.

You get the idea.

The hate is the result of this illusion, or a collective unconscious program called…


This is the TRUTH:

You and this infinite creative energy are One and the Same.

It desires what you desire, given you learn to tune into the wisdom of your Highest Self, the part of you that is beyond space, time and past conditioning, and allow yourself to be guided by this wisdom to grow and expand.

But it requires your willingness to take a leap of faith and leave your “norm” behind.

It requires you to stop repeating the lyrics you’ve heard from others, and begin composing and singing your own song.

When you are creating those heart-felt desires that have been given to you by this Source, and activating your innate talents and potential, you are naturally aligned with your highest wisdom, purpose, and joy.

In other words, you have no room in your life to even entertain the ideas of lack, fear, insecurities, entitlement, or hate.

You are excited to wake up every morning doing what you do best. You get high from merely being of sacred service and changing lives. You can’t wait to share your gifts and messages so more can benefit from them. You are COMMITTED to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to fully unlock your zone of genius.

Joy, appreciation, flow and passion become part of your natural state of being. It feels as effortless as breathing.

Success and wealth are the result of operating from this place. They are the energy exchange and divine compensation for you to be doing the work you are born to do, and being fully self-expressed and self-actualized – as a magnificent idea of Divine.

When you are living your life from this place, how can you not want to BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE?

We are the conscious high achievers.

We are a group of pioneers who have come to the realization that in this day and age, we do not contribute to global awakening and paradigm shift by playing small, downplaying our gifts, dimming our light, undercharging for our sacred services and gifts (or giving them away for free), and compromising our own highest creative level to make others more comfortable.

We awaken and uplift others by operating from the highest embodiment of who we came to be, and by leading by example.

By hating on anyone, this is essentially what you are telling your unconscious mind:

“I am here to prove to the world that I am a victim, and I am choosing to believe I do not have the power to create an epic life for myself.”

And, your very obedient and loyal unconscious mind takes everything you repeat in your conscious mind as a command. It will not only bring you all the evidence to prove to you that you are right, but also give you the exact results that match your beliefs.

So, do you want to be right, or do you want to be EPIC?

I’ve chosen EPIC for myself a long time ago.

It’s your turn.

Don’t hate. LEVEL UP.


With Infinite Love and Grace,

Juliet Tang

Coach and Mentor for heart-centered and mission driven spiritual entrepreneurs, creators and leaders ready to embody their next highest level, vision and flow in life and biz. 

Former spiritual awakening teacher, empowerment coach and healer for leaders and entrepreneurs


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