More Money, More Ease, and More Business Growth, without the Hustle and Bustle

Dear Driven Woman, Is This You?

  • You have an existing online business that is generating between $1K - $10K/month, and have probably done the bro strategies, the celebrity coach masterminds, and the LOA/mind hacks and self-mastery work. You've created some results, you work hard, but are feeling exhausted, burned out, and wondering what it'll take to succeed.
  • You don't (or no longer) identify as a boss babe. You are a mature woman who longs to create meaningful success and income with ease, while having ample time for yourself, your home life, and romantic life. 
  • You are swinging back and forth between "being feminine" and "being masculine," unsure what your true feminine nature and what your next steps should be, or how to easily receive more clarity, opportunities, and money, without burning out again.

For years, I wore my hats as the boss babe and creatrix proudly. I enjoyed the chase of success, and mentoring with big name celebrity coaches and bro marketers. 

Eventually, I created a multiple 6-figure business at the cost of my health, sanity, and romantic life. 

It wasn't until after living from burnout that I realized - as women, we were never designed to hustle like men. 

For women to perform and create without swinging into a hypermasculine mode, we need a business framework that is personal and intimate, that honors our feminine design and who we are as a woman first. 

As a result of my own journey, the Masculine Framework | Feminine Expression methods were birthed. It combines both customized business strategies and personal coaching for me to support women entrepreneurs to not only grow their businesses, but also as women. 

"The deal was closed. The money came in. The highest offer I've closed ($6K)! This is the action Juliet generated and the heights she pulled me through! A week later, I made my second 5.5K sale! Soooo excited!"

Working with Juliet invites you to step into your highest.

Sapphire Soleil / Women's Mentor

I experienced selling out my 12-month membership program, which was booked out from November 2020 til 2021, which is a monthly recurring income in one stream. I was able to double my monthly income in the first three weeks of the program. I was able to heal my fractured relationship with God; this is huge, coming from religious trauma.

Martine de Luna / Certified Transformational Coach

"This work has helped me truly get clear on my penetrating message that has helped me get clear on my mission. And has helped magnetize clients, of a totally different caliber. 

I am cultivating deeper penetration into my clients’ hearts. It’s already impacted my income, and I am creating more money easily."

Monique Deanne-Cronin Mosher/Psychic Life Coach


  • 2X - 10X your business and income the feminine way - so that instead of hustling like a man, you have a business that feels nurturing and supportive to you, while having time for yourself, your home life, and your love life.
  • Ease into a radiant, joyous and open feminine being who is not at war with the masculine, but receives him on all levels - it means, more magnetic marketing that speaks to the right clients who are ready to buy, more opportunities from those who want to collaborate with you, more love and romance in your personal life, and more financial blessings.
  • Master healthy masc/fem dynamics in your business: clearer steps, faith, ease, authenticity, synchronicity, and freedom.  
  • Implement systems and strategies that are re-calibrated to who you are as a woman - offers, content marketing, lead generation, sales, launches, etc., while working towards your vision and income goal that are tailored to your feminine energy, identity, and priorities (health, relationship, family, etc.). Work with what turns you on, and ditch what doesn't. 
  • Collaborate with an experienced business and femininity coach who sees the woman behind the brand, and can help you co-design an intimate and personalized business model around your genius and strengths, as opposed to getting a cold and impersonal one-size-fits-all formula that's passed down from coaches to coaches.

Do you know why most women experience exhaustion and fatigue when they apply commonly taught business strategies?

These strategies are created by men, for men, and reinforced by men. The essence of the conventional business model is "the hustling masculine" in nature. 

This isn't to say it's bad. But, it often feel like a harsh and immature lover who doesn't understand your needs.

The feminine energy is fluid, interpersonal, and intimate. She thrives when she is held by a grounded and supportive masculine framework that is personalized, and and is designed specifically for her unique feminine identity. 

This is when the most aligned opportunities and clients flow in, without us forcing and hustling. This is what we will be co-creating with my Masculine Framework | Feminine Expression methods.


"I was doubting myself and my abilities. Working with Juliet has allowed me to complete trust in my union with the masculine, also deep trust in being provided for by God. Also I had the opportunity to heal ancestral trauma from my paternal line which was huge for me.

I just had a major uplevel in my business, launched a new program that is from my heart and genius. I received 4 new clients since I started.

I am inspired to continue to trust my union with god and only act from that place. To allow myself to receive provision from God and trust that. I've been easily bringing in clients and listening to my intuition of what to do next to continue to grow my business.

Most importantly I’ve stopped acting from a place of lack or just taking action because I "think" that's what I should do. Now I listen to what God is telling me/showing me to do as next steps that’s been the most valuable thing for me.

I felt so held by Juliet in the container and trusted her to guide me through this process. I loved everything she shared and I utilize the practices everyday, they're so powerful."

Alyse Bacine / Leading Expert in Breathwork


"Juliet's work which I have integrated into my daily practices still has profound effects today. Forgiveness and releasing the pain around my father wounding to be more in union with masculine/feminine, and God.

Hers was the missing piece I needed to re-integrate healthy masculine back into my life. It has created a solid foundation for me to birth and create my offerings to the world. She has inspired me to incorporate the masculine and feminine concepts into my own business and what I will teach my clients.

Juliet is unlike any mentor out there. She combines masculine and feminine energy as well as the union of the two with solid business strategy."

Lindsey Tague / Embodied Brand Strategist


"I was feeling depleted for doing the same things, not even expecting different outcomes anymore.

Juliet’s coaching brought me to a new perspective: a unique combination of down to earth process and strategies and a more personal and aligned approach to the business. 

I gained more confidence in my abilities, and most importantly, I feel more in-tune with myself – something that I haven’t allowed myself to experience for a long time."

Mayda Poc / Career and Life Coach


I have completely changed the way I practice my healing work now. I have reshaped the way I work. A whole new program has dropped down for me that I am currently weaving into existence on this plane. I have offered a women’s circle and a day retreat with excellent numbers and easeful completion. Next year I am offering 4 new ways of working with me, teaching things that I have wanted to teach for some years.

Melissa Abrahams  / Ritual Facilitator, Wise Woman and Retreat Leader, AU


  • This is deep work that combines both customized business mentorship and personal coaching that supports the growth of both your brand, and who you are as a woman. In my experience, this is the most nurturing and efficient way for a woman business owner to scale her business, because it covers all angles. 
  • For this particular program, it is most suitable for experienced coaches, mentors, consultants, therapists and counselors (who are generating between 1K - 10K/month), who have a tangible expertise such as web design, marketing, fitness, branding, copywriting, holistic health, therapy, career coaching, relationship coaching, etc.).
  • Our framework allows both structure and flexibility. It is 6 months in length, and is designed around your femininity, expression, and priorities. The investment is $10K with payment options available. Alternatively, a shorter 4-month container is 8K. 
  • We meet three times a month on Zoom video for 50 minutes/session, and will begin our collaboration with a fun virtual VIP Day Intensive - goal setting, framework co-creation, and personal branding with archetypes.
  • I work best with emotionally and spiritually mature and stable women entrepreneurs who have done self-work, see the value in investing in mentors, and can take 100% responsibility for their thoughts and actions. 
  • I am rooted in Christ - there is no religion, only a loving relationship. You can be of any faith.

Here are the steps if you are called to explore working together:

Step 1.

Fill out the application below so I can learn more about you.

Step 2.

If I feel we may be a good fit, I will reach out within 24-48 hours to schedule a quick 15-minute chat.

Step 3.

We will only partner up if both of us feel a whole-body YES by the end of the call. I will then share next-steps to get you started.

"I received about 70 applications and generated $45k in a few weeks, launching me into a new paradigm of conscious wealth, business, impact, service, and leadership."

J. B. Transformational Coach

"After fully embracing the techniques and strategies, I enrolled 3 people in a new high end program in 1 week, and booked over 10k in sales. Not only that, other aspects of my business were improving, which resulted in 18k in total sales, a 5 fold increase from the average monthly income the previous year.”

D. H. / Holistic Health Mentor - Digestive and Autoimmune Specialist, CN

I just put out my first post announcing my new program and I had 6 women reach out to me already. While working with Juliet I increased my income and clients x3.

Juliet is a secret agent working for God. Your experience with her will be life-changing if you are willing to seek the The Truth."

M. Goldman / Holistic Health Coach


Juliet has been in the personal development industry for 18+ years, and has been supporting women entrepreneurs since 2015. 

Over the years, she has mentored with high level strategists and online marketers - multi-million dollar global entrepreneurs who are the mentees of Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, and Scott Oldford. 

She brings her experience of high ticket multi-million dollar sales from the NYC luxury real estate market, and her multidisciplinary approach from hypnosis, transformational coaching and faith-based knowledge into her unique methods: 

Masculine Framework/Feminine Expression Business Coaching Methods, designed to support women to uplevel in business and income, while helping them deepen into their femininity and womanhood.

Her work has been featured on many platforms including Dr. Kelly Brogan’s Vital Mind Stories and Mind Body Green.  

Here are the steps if you are called to explore working together:

Step 1.

Fill out the application below so I can learn more about you.

Step 2.

If I feel we may be a good fit, I will reach out within 24-48 hours to schedule a quick 15-minute chat.

Step 3.

We will only partner up if both of us feel a whole-body YES by the end of the call. I will then share next-steps to get you started.

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