For established women entrepreneurs, executives, leaders and professionals who desire to union in their business/career, money, relationship, and walk with God.

Dear Woman, Does This Sound Like You?

  • You believe in hard work and doing whatever it takes to succeed. Yet along the way, you've neglected or exhausted your feminine body. You experience frequent tension, stress, adrenal and thyroid issues, and/or restlessness when you are not accomplishing or achieving. 
  • External success no longer seems to fill that growing void inside you, and you believe you need to hunt after one more thing to fill it - more codes, retreats, ayahuasca ceremonies, etc. 
  • You feel safer putting on a masculine shield while hiding aspects of your femininity - whether it's your body, beauty, softness, or vulnerability because you associate them with weakness.
  • You feel the need to project a "I'm a strong independent and success woman" image to the world whether through your brand or professional role, because this is the only way the world will take you seriously.
  • You are swinging back and forth between "being feminine" and "being masculine," unsure what your true feminine nature is, or how to receive more love as a feminine being.

I get it. I've been there too. 

For years, my identity came from my success and business. I believed leading with a masculine energy was essential for a "powerful woman entrepreneur."

In 2019, my health and relationship took a hit. I felt irritated, stressed, and fatigued.

I tried everything: feminine embodiment, breathwork, more Joe Dispenza meditations (and more caffeine), and taking good care of my body, but nothing seemed to have a lasting impact.

Little did I know I was being initiated into womanhood - learning what it means to be comfortable with being a woman, and healing my relationship with men, father, God, and all things masculine. 

Everything in my life shifted after I reclaimed my femininity. I began seeing just how much my need to be perceived as an independent and powerful woman came from feminine wounding with the masculine.

Since then, I've guided women around the globe through a similar journey so that they ease into happy, fulfilled, sexy, and relaxed women who can form healthy relationships with men.

I'm excited to share this journey with you.

I have been able to heal and move past certain painful personal issues that had been keeping me stuck for years. There was a full resolution, healing, and a sense of direction that had been missing from my life for years in spite of many years of working to heal them. I have been able to release grief, shame, resentment and regret and settle into a sense of contented trust and support. 

Joanna Krop / Creator of Teacher Wellness Code

I was able to heal my fractured relationship with God; this is huge, coming from religious trauma. And, I was able to settle my nervous system so well, that even the eczema I've had since the beginning of lockdown, cleared up* (along with nutritional changes, support from my functional doctor). Overall, I became more relaxed but yet my income grew.

Mentoring with Juliet will help you to access the bravest and most courageous part of you and bring that into all parts of your life.

Martine de Luna / Certified Transformational Coach

I am cultivating deeper penetration into my clients’ hearts. It’s already impacted my income, and I am creating more money easily. And I am truly listening to when God is calling me to talk about the message, to sell the sacredness of what I am doing.

If you’re thinking about working with Juliet, BE COMMITTED. This work will shake up and purify your entire life, and everything that the masculine touches. It wipes the slate clean. It will leave you nowhere to hide. This truly allows you to live supported from the inside out. And allow the outer/inner kingdom of God to be developed.

Monique Deanne-Cronin Mosher/Psychic Life Coach


  • Ease into a happy, inviting, sexy, and radiant woman who is supported by an integrated mature masculine within yourself, and feel safe with being emotionally open, intimate, and feminine with your man.
  • Reclaim the primordial masculine/feminine polarity design, and be at harmony with all things masculine. Soften your feminine portal which is essential for you to receive MORE - love, opportunities, clarity, financial blessings, etc. without tripling your workload and burning out your adrenals. 
  • Deepen into your unique feminine expression and identity, heal past wounds with men, father and God, and polarize more in your personal relationship so that there's more attraction and chemistry (if you are single and dating, this can help you attract the right men). 
  • Let go of outdated spiritual or religious trauma that has left you feeling wounded or rebellious around God and men, and transform pain into devotion, faith, and provision.
  • Restore your feminine nature as a relational being - beloved bride to the King, and daughter to Father God. Infuse and integrate this beauty, grace, and playfulness into every area of your life, and co-create your life according to God's plan for you.
  • Trust your intuition and act on it, let go of toxic feminist programming of needing to be like a man and be in control all the time, and show up with genuine womanly confidence and authenticity.

But what if I am naturally driven?

Will tapping into my femininity make me weak, passive and indecisive?

What if I won't get results operating as a feminine woman? 

Will I still perform the same?

These are some of the most common questions I get from women.

These three archetypes often show up in my work with women:

  1. 1
    The Aggressive CEO - A perfectionist woman who needs to control everything, and treats her relationship like her business/career. She nags and micro-manages.
  2. 2
    The Rebellious Feminine Warrior - She guards her heart around men and is not receptive to the love and penetrative energy of a masculine man (and God). She feels safer wearing a masculine shield so the world can see her as an independent, strong, and rebellious woman.
  3. 3
    The Wounded Princess - She avoids all things masculine, doesn't trust him, blames patriarchy for her past wounding, and is often lost in her feminine creative chaos. 

Women who identify as boss ladies mostly fall into categories 1 and 2, though you can swing back and forth between all three.

All three archetypes are running from fragmentation with the masculine, which pushes away his love, protection, and provision for you. 

My devotion is to show you it is safe to mature from a wounded feminine to a Queen who receives him with an open heart.


"I was doubting myself and my abilities. Working with Juliet has allowed me to complete trust in my union with the masculine, also deep trust in being provided for by God. Also I had the opportunity to heal ancestral trauma from my paternal line which was huge for me.

I just had a major uplevel in my business, launched a new program that is from my heart and genius. I received 4 new clients since I started.

I am inspired to continue to trust my union with god and only act from that place. To allow myself to receive provision from God and trust that. I've been easily bringing in clients and listening to my intuition of what to do next to continue to grow my business.

Most importantly I’ve stopped acting from a place of lack or just taking action because I "think" that's what I should do. Now I listen to what God is telling me/showing me to do as next steps that’s been the most valuable thing for me.

I felt so held by Juliet in the container and trusted her to guide me through this process. I loved everything she shared and I utilize the practices everyday, they're so powerful."

Alyse Bacine / Leading Expert in Breathwork


"Juliet's work which I have integrated into my daily practices still has profound effects today. Forgiveness and releasing the pain around my father wounding to be more in union with masculine/feminine, and God.

Hers was the missing piece I needed to re-integrate healthy masculine back into my life. It has created a solid foundation for me to birth and create my offerings to the world. She has inspired me to incorporate the masculine and feminine concepts into my own business and what I will teach my clients.

Juliet is unlike any mentor out there. She combines masculine and feminine energy as well as the union of the two with solid business strategy."

Lindsey Tague / Embodied Brand Strategist


"It became clear to me that I still had some major healing with masculine energy that needed to happen, including my relationship with God, and I wasn’t sure how to go about it!

Juliet’s program helped me to make sense of the information I had received in my own and brought more depth to it. The processes she led us through helped me to feel so much more trusting and supported by my masculine and by God. I was able to release the negative charge I carried around it.

During our time together, I began to have very vivid dreams, received healing from 3 past relationships with the masculine this way. I also signed a new 1:1 client, and began receiving guidance on creating a new group program!

I’m so grateful to Juliet for this container, for giving me practices I can continue to do daily, and for helping me to shift my paradigm completely around my inner masculine! This is the true healing work that so many women need right now!"

Brie Pugh / Spiritual Life Coach


  • This is deep work. We will dive to the core of where your wounded feminine hides, and help her create safety and trust with men, father, God, and masculine - so that wholeness within you can be restored. Laughing, crying, paradigm shifting, and receiving big revelations can all be a part of this process. 
  • Our framework allows both structure and flexibility. It is 4 months in length, and is designed around your feminine expression, energy, and needs. It is $6.5K.
  • We meet twice a month on Zoom video for 75-90 minutes/session. All calls are recorded. 
  • While this container can help you heal many aspects of the wounds related to men, father, God, and the masculine, coaching does not replace therapy. If you need such support, please see a licensed professional. 
  • I work best with emotionally and spiritually mature and stable women entrepreneurs, leaders, executives and professionals who have done self-work, see the value in investing in mentors, and can take 100% responsibility for their thoughts and actions. 
  • I am rooted in Christ, in relationship, not religion. You can be of any faith, but come with an open heart.

Here are the steps if you are called to explore working together:

Step 1.

Fill out the application below so I can learn more about you.

Step 2.

If I feel we may be a good fit, I will reach out within 24-48 hours to schedule a quick 15-minute chat.

Step 3.

We will only partner up if both of us feel a whole-body YES by the end of the call. I will then share next-steps to get you started.

""I have a complete shift in my inner being. I am more at peace, more held and more guided than ever before. I'm beyond grateful for the role Juliet played in having the veils of illusion lifted from my eyes and reuniting me with the King.

Juliet is a secret agent working for God. Your experience with her will be life-changing if you are willing to seek the The Truth."

Morgan Goldman / Divine Union Defender Coach

"I had weak boundaries, men issues, not having the courage to own my work from God, not fully being connected to my voice, and afraid of owning God’s direction for my life.

Since working with Juliet, I began alchemizing my inner feminine and masculine, and being in silence with God.

As a result, I’ve cultivated the courage to speak my truth with no holding back. I’m trusting God and owning my heart’s truth. I’m also respecting what feels good to be before I say yes, with stronger boundaries. I have more energy, and I’m giving my life to God more and more.

I am launching my new program with confidence, and trusting God with all my decisions and respecting the guidance instead of trying to manipulate what’s been received.

Juliet is genuine and her work is sacred."

Claudia Williams – Intuitive and Holistic Counselor

"Juliet is a fantastic person. She has her own unique approach and she is very thorough and excellent at what she does. She is also very educated and can manage the "real world" in tandem with the intangible realms in a natural and practical fashion. 

Her sensitivity and intuition is terrific - she has walked the walk that she talks."

Aryn Elaine / healer and C-Suite Adviser, NY


Juliet has been in the personal development industry for 18+ years, and has been supporting women entrepreneurs since 2015. 

Over the years, she has mentored with high level strategists and online marketers - multi-million dollar global entrepreneurs who are the mentees of Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, and Scott Oldford. 

She brings her experience of high ticket multi-million dollar sales from the NYC luxury real estate market, and her multidisciplinary approach from hypnosis, transformational coaching and faith-based knowledge into her 1:1 mentorship.

The result is a unique process that supports women on all levels - femininity, devotion, business, relationship, and leadership.

Her work has been featured on many platforms including Dr. Kelly Brogan’s Vital Mind Stories and Mind Body Green.  

Here are the steps if you are called to explore working together:

Step 1.

Fill out the application below so I can learn more about you.

Step 2.

If I feel we may be a good fit, I will reach out within 24-48 hours to schedule a quick 15-minute chat.

Step 3.

We will only partner up if both of us feel a whole-body YES by the end of the call. I will then share next-steps to get you started.

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