How Psychedelics Can Awaken You to Your Highest Potential and Leadership

“If you plan on being anything less than what you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy for all the days of your life.” – Abraham Maslow

When I came across psychedelics years ago, my life changed forever.

I was already a mindset and empowerment coach back then, supporting clients to create the highest possibilities in their personal and professional lives aligned with their spiritual growth and purpose.

But overnight, it was as if all separation between myself, and everything and everyone dissolved.

The world opened up.

The universe shrank into a spark, and entered my heart.

In fact, it became one with my heartbeat.

I knew right away I’ve come upon something incredibly powerful, but I had no idea how much my destiny would become intertwined with these teachers, collaborators, and friends overtime.

My Journey

In the beginning, I was mostly exploring revolutionary ways to work with psychedelics including microdosing, to help me self-empower and self-actualize.

Within my first few experiences, I began receiving clear instructions, “training,” and messages as to how I could use my existing knowledge and experience to help others practically integrate, implement, and embody the wisdom and lessons they received on a higher level so they can translate their information to transformation.

The more I allowed these rather unconventional teachers guide me, the more I became aware such peak experiences can not only help us explore our limitless potential, but also evoke a higher desire within all of us – the desire to lead our planet in a new direction, raise global consciousness, and transform the current institutions and systems that have been built on the patriarchal energies of lack, fear and competition.

When we fully step into our power, awaken both the divine feminine and masculine creative energies within, and unleash our soul missions – we are entering into sacred service.

Sacred service to humanity. Sacred service to our earth. And sacred service to each other.

The One Psilocybin Ceremony That Changed My Life Forever

I entered this ceremony with the intention to be shown the most aligned way for me to help bring this wisdom to the world.

During a stream of moments, I experienced myself as my soul before birth, choosing my biological parents, childhood upbringing, cultural background, gifts and talents, challenges and limitations, and my co-creation with psychedelics …all and all, in order to become a physical vessel for this desire Source has for me.

I saw how every moment, encounter and experience in my life since birth has been perfectly and immaculately arranged for me to be on this collision course with my highest destiny – being the physical vessel for this specific mission and expression.

I was also everyone and everything in this universe.

No separation. No you or I. It’s always been a collective “we.”

In a beautiful realization, I saw how entangled my destiny is with those whose lives I’ve touched, the leaders and creators whom I am yet to meet, and those in their global conscious communities they are meant to serve.

This impact continued to ripple outward until it touched every human being on this planet, and the planet itself.

No human language could describe the exquisite richness, love, perfection, expansiveness and soul resonance of this experience – me experiencing myself as both a desire, and a conduit for this desire to be birthed in this world.

This Is the Truth of Who We Are

We are forces of nature.

We are born with a creative fire to strive for excellence, become radiantly expressed, fully turn on our life force, and brilliantly channel our brilliance in this world.

When we give ourselves the permission to rise and embrace our soul urge to grow, each of us activates our original essence – the powerful and visionary magician, creator, creatrix or leader we are born to become.

Psilocybin showed me nothing about who we are has been created with haste or randomness.

Rather, every detail has been painted, chiseled and sculpted with the utmost love, care, and attention. Yes, this includes the challenges.

Knowing this, it restores the soul rememberance of this existence – we are always so loved and divinely supported, no matter what the circumstances are.

It also means, it is safe for us to be fully self-expressed and actualized in whatever desires to express and live through us.

The world needs our talents, perspectives, voices, visions, aligned actions, creations and awakened leadership to balance, harmonize, and shift on a massive scale. The time of meditating in a cave detached from this “material existence” is in the past.

The soul, prior to birth chooses a set of possibilities so to increase its chance of colliding with its chosen mission.

These possibilities always include adversities as we are overcoming and transcending them, we become the giants we envisioned ourselves to be when we chose this physical life.

Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You

Until an awakening occurs, most of us are busy dwelling in our self-imposed limitations, perceived victimhood, and a false sense of the self; so much so that most people in this world do not get to activate their greatness and missions in this lifetime that are crucial to our global transformation.

During my early years of coaching, I mentored quite a few people to leave their unsatisfying yet high paying and cushy careers because those people were not only experiencing a slow soul death locked in their fluorescent-lit offices and limiting roles, but also blocking themselves from unlocking their highest potentials and extraordinary gifts they’ve been given in this lifetime.

In my personal life, as well as in my clients’ lives, I’ve witnessed our most powerful and unique gifts almost always stay dormant until we courageously and consciously choose our chosen missions and higher callings no matter what the current circumstances are like.

The moment we activate the truth of who we are…it feels as if we are returning to our highest fulfillment, service, and purpose. No human language could adequately describe this aligned and magnificent state of being we each have the power to embrace.

Most of us have been conditioned to fear our highest possibilities. We talk ourselves into believing the stories about not having enough time, financial resources or creativity so we can keep staying in the cages we build for ourselves.

We identify ourselves with our circumstances and adversities. We sell ourselves short.

I’ve seen this time and again. When we refuse our growth and deprive ourselves the right to become all that we can be in this life, no matter how much we “win” in life (wealth, status, security, etc.), we end up losing.

Eventually, the internal creative fire burns through, one way or another.

It either urges us to drop the pretense and fully give ourselves into our expression and expansion guided by the soul’s mission, or it manifests as unhappiness, stagnancy, purposelessness, mysterious chronic illnesses, and unexplained misfortunes.

We wither and die when we stay within the comfort zone; a slow and agonizing death of the soul.

Remember, Embody, and Lead

Without some sort of conscious hacking or divine intervention (can be a mystical experience or meditation), as well as strategic support before and after the experience, it is difficult for the resilient human mind to see past its own resistance which come up as endless fears, worries, excuses, insecurities, self-doubt, and daily problems.

More often than not, even after peak experiences, many slip back to their old ways of thinking and being as a result of lack of integration and conscious embodiment.

The key to becoming the vessels and leaders of the new paradigm, something every awakened being I’ve come across desires, is to always choose to operate from our sovereignty, power, heart guidance, and peak self in our personal, professional and spiritual lives.

Psychedelics, with the right set and setting, as well as proper integration and actionable implementation afterwards (which is 70% + of the work), can be used as a powerful tool to alter our perception and catalyze breakthroughs to help us upgrade our inner operating system.

Once we remember and experience our own highest potentials and possibilities in a heightened state of consciousness, we can then choose to do whatever work necessary to embody this upgraded state of being.

It means, we integrate the energies into our awareness and physical bodies, and then think, feel, choose, act, and create from this empowered and clear space in our relationships, businesses/careers, impact, legacies, and leadership.

Where Can You Start?

It starts with you.

You aren’t meant to be anything less.

But to unleash your zone of genius, you must allow yourself to rebirth, over and over, like the phoenix.

I’d love to invite you to reflect on the following questions:

  • Who are you allowing yourself to become?
  • What are you most passionate about?
  • What is your zone of genius?
  • Where is your power?
  • What is your heart taking you?
  • What would be different in you and the way you show up, if you allowed yourself to create, live, and lead from your highest self and level?

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