How to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Attracting broke people so you’re creating a bunch of low priced offers because you believe “people won’t pay?”

Common story from my clients.

This is for you.

I don’t know how many mentors out there will admit they used to attract broke people. So I’ll go ahead and share my story.

For the longest time in my biz, I constantly attracted victims.

And…it got to a point where I was uber annoyed, opening my FB inbox and having people not respecting my time or boundaries.

The moment I mentioned investment, I’d get,

“I can’t afford it.”
“What do you have that’s for free?”

It was the most puzzling because:

1). I never hesitated in investing in high level 5-figure transformation mentors, even when I had a lot of 0 income months.

2). I was the queen of inner work – having training and experience in mindset, energy work, hypnosis, Akashic records, regression, etc. and later on working with plant medicine.

My blind spot was:

I was someone who believed all results are 100% internal.

Until I realized in my case, I actually needed more strategy work than personal/spiritual development.

Worse, I let my need for more inner transformation get in the way of doing what was truly uncomfortable.

The moment I combined both the inner and the outer, my ideal soulmate clients began bombarding my inbox and I haven’t looked back.

My definition of “broke people” is:

– Those who don’t want to invest, don’t want to do the work to change even though they say they want change, and those who dwell in victimhood and are not coachable.

When it comes to magnetizing your highest potential soulmate clients, and getting compensated at a level that makes you feel expansive (4-5 figure offers).

I have both bad news and good news.

  • Bad news: You are the cause.
  • Good news: You are the cause.

The cause is always on two levels: energetic, and strategic.

There’s a third level which is the path of your soul as well as its pre-chosen “trigger points”, but I’m not getting into the multidimensional aspect here.


  • We got money drama – we block ourselves in giving and receiving.
  • We hesitate with investing in ourselves or buy cheap DIY courses (but hope we get high paying clients at $20K+). That just creates major energetic incongruence).
  • We tell negative stories about other people’s selling, pricing, marketing, because we secretly feel unworthy and triggered by our own money and sales.
  • Disconnect with the masculine, we are operating from wounded feminine.
  • We live in the shadow of the healer/fixer. And our boundaries are so shitty we operate from the place of charity/scarcity/savior-victim syndrome. This is prevalent in the spiritual community – where the healers are actually operating from their own shadows (primary reason for their money struggle).


  • We are selling to the wrong people (my case).
  • Our messaging is off – we are spending all that time creating content and talking to those who aren’t our ideal clients (my case).
  • Our offer is not a big/powerful enough container to hold our higher level clients, so they go buy from someone else (my case).
  • Our sales + onboarding process sucks (my case).

I’ll go as far as saying this:

Not all those who say they want change, actually want change.

Your job as a coach, mentor, consultant or transformational leader is NOT to save the planet, or help “everyone.”

It is to offer value and transformation to those who actually are committed to upleveling.

Commitment is a mental, emotional, spiritual, and FINANCIAL game – this is true for you, and for your clients.

Once you get all these pieces, and make the necessary tweaks…

Money shows up.

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