How to Increase Your Creativity, and Balance Hustle with Flow

The Burnout

As a conscious and high-achieving woman or man, you know what it’s like.

You hit the gas pedal. You go a hundred miles an hour. You hustle.

You are surrounded by your friends who are crushing it. You drink your morning smoothie while listening to Brendon Burchard or Tom Bilyeu. You’ve got a schedule that’s action packed and you’re on a roll.

Then, the burnout sneaks in.

It starts off subtly with a hint of fatigue, and a bit of irritation.

You dismiss it and keep going. You’re living your purpose, and nothing can stop you.

Over time, if you don’t slow down, it creeps into the other areas of your life. Your health suffers. Your relationship falls apart. You feel disconnected.

Slowly, you begin to question if this is what you’ve truly wanted.

You know you’re pursuing your passions, you’re clear on your big goals and your why, but you can’t seem to shake off this feeling,

“Why is this so damn hard?”

To make it worse, you know you’re a spiritual being with a human body. You know you are not your mind. You begin questioning your path, your habits, and your desires. Guilt arises. You may even resent your goals.

If this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. I’ve been there and I know what it’s like.

The Dance of the Feminine and Masculine

Before I dive deeper into how to increase your flow of creativity and productivity, and drop the overwhelm and stress, I’d love to address the why, as understanding these aspects of who you truly are is crucial to your transformation, fulfillment, and aligned success in life.

As a multidimensional being, regardless of our gender and sexual orientation, each of us is a union of the feminine and masculine energies. The feminine governs intuition and desires, while the masculine rules over logic and action.

Our highest level of creativity and productivity comes from awakening to, and embodying both the feminine and masculine aspects within.

You can perceive it as the union between a woman and a man where there is giving and receiving, penetration and surrender. The dance results in the birth of new life.

My Evolution of Balance

In my personal life, my default mode is that of the feminine, my learned and adopted mode leans into the masculine.

As a channel, psychedelic business and leadership integration coach, and teacher of consciousness, I am naturally intuitive and connected with my magic. I invoke the Divine in powerful rituals. I channel in psychedelic states, and I navigate both the physical plane and invisible realm of energy and spirit.

As a high achiever and spiritual entrepreneur of two businesses living in New York City, I am as grounded, disciplined, structured, driven, result-oriented, and efficient as can be. Even my breaks are scheduled into my weekly calendar.

Living in a world built on the masculine energy where we’ve been conditioned to compete, hustle and work our asses off in order to achieve big results, the masculine energy ruled the way I worked.

That is, until I hit my three-month long burnout.

Despite my daily meditation practice, I ended up with mysterious health issues that refused to go away. I noticed I’d mentally take all my tasks to bed with me, and wake up stuck in the same loop. I lived in a state of stress and anxiety.

My first reaction was,

“What’s wrong with me?”

I began looking for faults within. I tried dissecting my habits, time management and efficiency which led to me doubting my path and choices. I even toyed with the idea of giving up certain aspects of myself and my goals.

One day as I was doing deep integration of my own psychedelic journeys, I realized, living in a universe of polarity of yin and yang, energy and matter, and being and doing, this journey isn’t about rejecting any part of who we are.

The solution goes beyond balance. It is, and always will be, about union and restored wholeness within.

If you are struggling between ambition and spirituality, hustle and surrender, and mind and heart, I’d love to offer you three ways to restore wholeness within knowing it’ll lead you to step into an even higher and fuller vision and version of who you are.

When I teach my clients in my 8-Week The Embodied Conscious Creator Coaching Immersion Program to create their personal, professional and spiritual goals from this union, inner-integration and elevated consciousness, I’ve witnessed a drastic increase of their flow of creativity and productivity which leads to more vibrance, radiance, abundance, relationship harmony, as well as inner-connection and meaning.

  1. The Sacred Union

When I drank my very cup of ayahuasca years ago, the first illusion the grandmother has dissolved for me was the illusion of separation.

In a transcendent state, I experienced every solid object, every being, and every idea as the folding and unfolding of One Energy. I remember opening my eyes, and seeing the colorful rug in front of me morphing into the infinite unified field.

Part of playing the game of life is all about transcending the illusion of separation, and restoring the wholeness and sovereignty within – in other words, it means releasing the shame and guilt of who we should be, and embracing every part of who we are.

As a species, we have ridiculous ideas of who we should be, resulting in tons of unhappy individuals on earth dwelling in low self-worth and self-doubt.

According to some arbitrary social expectations derived from global limiting beliefs that are deeply embedded in the collective psyche, we should be richer, poorer, plumpier, skinnier, more productive, more detached, etc.

I used to reject parts of me for the sake of fulfilling a certain image of who I believed I should have been. I’d feel discomfort around money due to fear of being judged. I’d reject my ambition believing it’d make me unspiritual. I’d bypass anger because I believed it made me weak and hysterical. God forbid!

Eventually, the pain of living as an inauthentic version of myself was too much for me to bear.

When I finally realized the secret in life is to unite, celebrate and express all parts of us, the beauty and the rage, the light and the shadow, I stepped into my fullest self-expression.

I’ve coached quite a few spiritual entrepreneurs who either felt shame around ambition, money, and/or pleasure, or were overly into their masculine energy of hustle and action while neglecting all other aspects of who they are. They lived with depleted energy and reduced creativity which greatly affected their health, personal relationships, spiritual growth, and ultimately, their work.

In the end, our highest creativity, contribution, and joy in goal achievement, impact and legacy do not come from self-rejection, deprivation and denial. They come from our wholeness, the expression of our unique essence, and expansion (which stems from the desire of creating more life).

All parts of you are sacred (yes, this applies to your ambition, money goals, pleasure, your desire for more meaning and spiritual connection, and even your fears and shadows). You are sacred. This existence is sacred.

It’s time for you to embrace and integrate all aspects of who you are, and allow you – this unique expression of divine to be delivering the magic from a clear and empowered place of your highest truth and vision.

If you are struggling with the balance, take an honest look at what you are currently rejecting in yourself. Is it the time you need to connect more with your body? Is it the choice of honoring your heart’s desires, no matter how illogical they seem to your mind?

Whatever it is, make the choice to offer it to yourself. Know that you are a being of body, mind and spirit. All aspects of you and your life elevate when you operate from the union of all three.

  1. Connect with the Sacred Daily

I find when I am in the “crushing it” mode, my focus tends to shift much more to the physical. As a manifestation teacher, I also know how big of a role our frequency plays in achieving our goals.

We are beings of energy, surrounded by energy, or this infinite creative substance of all there is.

When our energy is, intentionally or unintentionally, mostly engaged in what’s in front of us (problems, tasks, delegation, deadline pressure, etc.), we are actually broadcasting our energy of a similar frequency of stress and struggle into the universe.

This is the simple explanation of the common phenomenon called stress creates more stress. This also responds to Einstein’s famous quote which is,

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

In order to come up with creative insights to resolve a particular problem, you must first have the awareness to intentionally shift your frequency to the solution. My free meditation HERE is designed to help you with that. 

The moment you do that, you get to experience your life, your work, and your entire world very differently.

For me, it means making the commitment to connect with something sacred daily.

The other day in the middle of working on a very large real estate deal with my partner where multiple millions and some very stressed attorneys were involved, I intentionally walked away from my computer, and took twenty minutes to appreciate a beautiful tea flower blossoming in a glass.

As a plant medicine woman, connecting with nature is connecting with the sacred, even if the nature is in a tiny tea cup.

Nature does not struggle, yet it always blossoms to its fullest expression.

Your sacred can look similar, or be something entirely different.

Whatever it is, allow yourself, even for just a moment, to get out of the Doing, and ease into your Being.

Connect with your Being every day, and allow the upgraded frequency to bring you the new opportunities, people and energies to co-create your vision.

  1. Tap Into the Secret of Co-Creation

Productivity is important to me, so much so that I was the queen of multitasking until I hit the point when I was ready to toss my laptop out of the window.

Multitasking doesn’t work. Worse, it overwhelms us.

That hollow excitement of “getting shit done” may provide just enough adrenaline for us to plow through a few tasks initially.

In the long run, we run out of steam. We become disconnected, and disembodied. We are showing up at anything but our highest level, and our highest level is crucial in the creation of our most epic results.

The antidote is to remember the secret of co-creation with your higher self.

Here’s the secret, you are never alone in this journey.

Everything that has been created in your life has been a co-creation between you and divine (divine isn’t outside of you, it is the highest essence of who you are). The key in creating with your highest power lies in becoming aware of it, learning to turn on the switch to tune into this power, and interpreting its whispers and nudges (some people call this intuition).

Ultimately, we live in a world that emphasizes too much on doing, and not enough on surrender because most people do not understand the true meaning of surrender.

Surrender isn’t a passive state. It is the grace of being deeply plugged into our multidimensional nature, our higher guidance, and our source of power.

This goes beyond mindset work and execution of strategies (though both are pivotal in creating aligned results). The heart of co-creation lies in engaging both the feminine and masculine creative energies while awakening your highest power within.

As a sovereign creator and awakened leader of the new paradigm, achieving your big goals in the most aligned and easeful way invites you to enter a dance of active surrender, intentional flow, embodied union, and aligned action.

From here on, you get to claim the infinite possibilities you are destined to create in this lifetime.

Here’s to Your Flow, Wholeness and Infinite Creativity Power,


PS: Would you like to integrate and embody your highest creative energies within, and boost your creativity along with aligned action steps to bridge dream and reality? Access your free meditation “Activate Your Highest Creative Power” HERE.

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