Inner, and Outer Wealth. Both Are Yours.

Inner, and outer wealth. Yes, you can have both, and still be an awesome human being.

A while ago, someone asked me whether I’m surrendering results because I shared insights on surrendering.

It reminds me of a recent comment from a client who quickly wrote off external beauty, believing only inner beauty matters.

And the times when I discuss mindfulness, and some believe it is about denouncing their desires and ambition.

Why must we choose one? Why not both, knowing there is no separation between matter and energy, human and spirit?

To be clear, wealth encompasses money, but goes light years beyond it.

Wealth is a consciousness – the same consciousness that births a wealth of love, a wealth of health, a wealth of financial freedom, a wealth of joy and fulfillment, and a wealth of purpose and impact.

To only focus on creating money in your business without doing the crucial inner work  of mastering wealth consciousness (a primary focus of my 8-Week 1:1 The Embodied Visionary Coaching Immersion) is the equivalent of giving your iPhone a sleek cover without ever updating its software, and praying it’ll give you all the nice perks.

Chasing after money for money’s sake without delivering awesome value to others is also coming from the place of lack of inner congruence, and a disconnect from your divine nature.

Same goes for glorified poverty and suffering.

Many soul entrepreneurs I’ve mentored, when they first come to me, are running on the wounded feminine and masculine energies when it comes to wealth and money.

  • They are either pushing and pulling, hustling and grinding in order to “make more money.” They believe going after one more strategy, following one more marketing guru, and chasing after the next free webinar is going to get them the income goal they desire. This is the wounded shadow masculine programming.
  • Or, they are completely avoidant – coming from beliefs like money is the root of all evil and “this isn’t divine timing, whatever happens happens,” not taking full responsibility of their growth and investing in hiring aligned support, and not having a powerful structure as well as aligned action steps to call in the financial flow. This is the wounded shadow feminine programming.

I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to feel like you have big messages and gifts to share with the world, live in scarcity and lack, and pray you hit the magic formula in your next try while the cash is not flowing in and your bills are piling up. 

Both the “work your ass off until you drop” and “money is not important” energies are indicators (symptoms) of deep unintegrated wounds that require healing, a deep shift in consciousness and perspective, as well as aligned strategies and practices to create your desired reality, lifestyle, business and abundance from the inside out. This is the powerful energy container in my 8-Week 1:1 The Embodied Visionary Coaching Immersion.

You cannot be fully self-expressed and actualized until you master your wealth consciousness: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Your outer reality then shifts with you. YES, IN THIS ORDER.

You are a magnificent, and magnetic divine being.

It is your birthright to enjoy both inner and outer beauty, magic, and wealth. 

It never felt good to me to build my life and business from outdated patriarchal beliefs such as,

  • “In order to be heart-centered, I must let go of my desires and achievements.”
  • “In order to help others, I must compromise my boundaries and give away my life’s work.”

I love inner alignment and ascension.

I also love wealth. Luxury. Success. Impact. And beauty on all levels.

The energy behind some of the “In order to…I must” mostly stems from collective shadow programs of lack and scarcity.

And, they do what shadow programs do best – they keep you exactly where you are.

The language from the soul is never one that keeps you small, or feeling constricted.

It is one of love, of encouragement, of inspiration, and of expansion.

The universe wants you to be fully expressed, do what you love the most, be wealthy from the inside out, and change others’ lives while you’re serving your soul’s purpose.

In short, the universe wants you to succeed and create an epic lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones!

  • You can be glorious on the inside – in your authenticity, alignment, and commitment to your highest purpose.
  • You can be glorious on the outside – in your leadership, self-expression, and wealth creation.

As a master creator/creatrix who alchemizes energy into matter, your outer glory is a reflection of your inner glory (and a fierce willingness to take actions and receive aligned support). 

It is you ascending to, and living from your peak, highest self.

Next time when you catch yourself making choices from auto pilot rooted in unconscious shadow programming, ask yourself,

  • “Is this my highest desire?”
  • “Does it feel good to me?”

From being a channel who directly communicates with Divine, here’s what I want you to know:

  • Your peak self never asks you to sacrifice your well-being, your radiance, or the abundant and adventurous lifestyle you desire just so that you can fit into a box, and make others more comfortable.
  • Your ego does.

When in doubt, lean into your intuition. 

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