Interview with Amber and Anthony at Awaken Your Soul

It was such a pleasure to interview Anthony Esposito and Amber Antonelli, founders of Awaken Your Soul – an Iboga Treatment and Retreat center in Costa Rica. On a personal note, I have not yet worked with Iboga (though the medicine has appeared twice in my dream with some very straightforward messages), so I was able to ask the questions from an “outsiders” view.

Anthony Esposito is a Lead Iboga Provider and Bwiti Initiate. His first Iboga experience was so profound that it became immediately clear he would serve this sacred medicine with respect and honor. Anthony has a deep connection to the sprit of Iboga, and has been cultivating his practice over the last 6 years. Iboga has given Anthony the ability to heal his trauma, embrace the beauty of life and to help others realize their own freedom.

Amber is the Provider Apprentice, Bwiti Initiate and Chief of the Village. She first began working with the medicine 5 years ago, receiving incredibly rapid change in her life beyond any other personal work that she had done. She feels incredible honor to work with this powerful plant on a personal level as well as to help assist others to discover their own healing.

Some of the things we covered in this interview are:

  • What it’s like to work with Iboga?
  • The differences between Iboga and Ibogane.
  • How Iboga helped Anthony heal past childhood trauma, and become a warrior who lives his truth.
  • What a “typical” Iboga ceremony is like at Awaken Your Soul.
  • The impact of Iboga on our psycho-emotional-spiritual health, and why it is a medicine of truth.
  • How Iboga can empower the rise of the feminine.
  • And much more.

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