It Is Not About Balancing the Masculine and Feminine in You

Many women entrepreneurs talk about “it’s all about balancing the masculine and feminine energies in you.”

This implies there’s 50% masculine in you.

There isn’t.

You were never meant to be Him. To replace Him. Or to take on His role.

The feminine is designed to be defined by the Masculine/Father God.

Many women have been wounded by their biological fathers and men in their lives, that they project their wounds and traumas onto God, making Him something He is not.

The Father wound is the greatest core wound in our collective. It can look like many things: getting into unhealthy relationships, having a power struggle with your husband, feeling guarded and rigid, or letting your success become your identity.

The feminine, whether she is aware of it or not, is always reflecting the Masculine Spirit she chooses to let into her mind, heart, and spirit.

If you aren’t sure what this all means, here’s a simple way to tell:

Do you operate as a “solo consciousness,” or a relational being working in a dance of polarity?

A solo consciousness sees herself as the center of her reality. She intends, takes actions, and then somehow manifests from the “universe” – an impersonal energy blob that grants all her wishes.

She talks about “needing to be in my masculine” whenever she needs to make a decision or take action, because she believes the masculine and feminine are one entity with two aspects. Her role is to yo-yo back and forth between “masculine and feminine energies,” and find a way to balance the two.

That’s the spiritual/manifesting model 99% of my clients have operated from. It’s not rooted in the truth of our original design. In short, you’re actually working too hard and exhausting yourself.

A woman who sees herself as a relational being understands she’s part of a primordial dance, because the Godly Masculine is here to guide her, lead her, frame her, and bring her the right people and opportunities. But, He is not her, even though He resides in her spirit. There is an actual partnership between the two.

Her job is to open herself up to Him, receive, and act on what she’s received. She doesn’t need to be Him.

This will require her to trust Him and let herself be led by Him, which most women aren’t comfortable with, either due to lack of awareness or past wounding with men.

For women, our nature is 100% feminine, we were never designed to swing back and forth being feminine one minute and masculine the next minute, which is why it’s never been about “balancing your masculine and feminine energies.”

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