This is an invitation for you to…

  • Bring your infinite and most expressed self into all areas of your life
  • Redefine success, experience the ultimate alignment, fulfillment, expansion, and purpose you desire
  • Activate and channel your greatness and brilliance; infuse more joy, fulfillment and abundance (it is, and goes beyond money) into your life and business

As a transformational teacher, spiritual entrepreneur, creative, or visionary leader, you’ve heard the call...

You are here to revolutionize the world with your unique self-expression whether through service, leadership or voice.

And you’ve seen this truth from your work with psychedelics:

There are no causes outside of our current state of consciousness which means…

You must first REVOLUTIONIZE yourself.

Your intimate relationship, your creative expression, your business growth, your abundance meter, your well-being, your purpose, your impact, your legacy, and your connection with Divine…all of these things are but a reflection of the ONLY relationship that matters: the one with yourself, aka. how you are showing up in this world.

If you’ve been called here, you are probably:

  • Feeling uncertain of your next steps as to how to ignite your highest potential
  • Despite the previous success and accomplishments, you are BURNING with a fire to BE more, DO more, CREATE more, and EXPERIENCE more...something DEEPLY meaningful and fulfilling in your journey of self-actualization
  • Wanting to balance your productivity with mindfulness so that you can be more aligned with your True Self, spiritual growth, mission, and impact without sacrificing fun and adventures
  • Having uncertainty regarding stepping into a higher version of you, and allowing yourself to be fully self-expressed, seen, heard and appreciated

The good news is, this is the RIGHT place for you to be.

Every time when your soul is yearning to QUANTUM LEAP, it stirs up old fears, conditioning, and rules that kept you playing small in your life. Rules that you don’t need anymore. 

This is the invitation for you to BRING YOUR BEST SELF into every area of your life.


  • Creating that thriving lifestyle and/or business with excitement, meaning and impact aligned with your greatness and purpose
  • Being on a date with your dream partner and being in love…while enjoying awesome sex and intimacy
  • Transforming your relationships with self, prosperity and Divine, and boosting your confidence, abundance flow, and intuition and connection
  • Redefining success and leadership by embodying your infinite worth, and owning your unique voice and expression
  • Becoming the fullest expression of who you are born to be in every aspect of your life
  • Going on more adventures, ditching the "what if I fail," and "will I attract too much attention to myself" voices in your head
  • Awakening to your next level in spiritual expansion, creativity and freedom which means more alignment, more fun projects, and more time off doing what you really love
  • Balancing productivity and stillness, achievement and flow, and mind and spirit in your life's work and legacy project

These are just some results my clients have created for themselves on this journey…

…and they are what await you when you say YES to your soul’s urge to express, expand, and fulfill your highest divine potential. 

In both my personal journey, as well as mentoring many high-level clients over the years, I find that when we bring our most radiant, wholesome, optimized, empowered and expressed selves into our personal relationships, creative projects as well as businesses, EVERYTHING UPLEVELS.

The deep soul transformation you desire calls for you to powerfully show up. More importantly, it calls for you to...

Activate your divine birthright as a sovereign creator and leader.

Alchemize your triggers and shadows into fierce love, unstoppable faith, and sovereign wholeness.

Embody your next-level for yourself, your life, your relationships, your business and your purpose.

Introducing...The Vision Embodiment System™

This COMPLETE AND PROVEN SYSTEM offers you a tested and proven structure I've developed over the years with step-by-step processes, tools, and strategies to walk you through the three primary pillars of my work: 


But no system can replace this:

Someone to hold a safe, powerful and sacred energy container for you. 

Someone who's been there and can lead you to your fullest self-expression and liberation from perceived limitations.

Someone who mirrors back every misalignment and shows you the truth of who you are. 

So here is my exclusive invitation to you...


A 7-MONTH 1:1 COACHING AND MENTORSHIP personalized around your vision and needs to empower you to embody the wisdom from your psychedelic journey and higher self, step into your power, truth and purpose, and unleash your authentic desires in your personal, professional and spiritual life

We Will...

  • Crystallize Your Vision - Define what you desire the most, what you take a powerful stand for, and what's in the way, and outline a thorough roadmap to bridge vision and reality.
  • Journey Beyond Mindset – Integrate and embody the wisdom from sacred plant medicine and your higher self into a powerful daily practice of positive habits to keep your energy high.
  • Integrate All Aspects of Self – Understand the secret of leading and creating from the divine feminine and masculine within, and learn practices to to boost productivity and creativity.
  • Go From Fear to Courage – Kick the sneaky self-sabotaging stories and attitude to the curb, go beyond your comfort zone to confidently step into the next highest version of you, and go from "I can't" to "of course I can and I will!"
  • Master Aligned Actions – Surrender the struggle, the overthinking and overworking, and learn how to take inspired actions with ease and grace to magnetize aligned people and opportunities
  • Transform Old Patterns – Heal and release lifelong blockages around self-image, money, sexual expression, and connection with Divine, and tap into self-mastery to powerfully create your desires
  • Embody Your Purpose – Unlock your extraordinary purpose and legacy in life, understand your big WHY, connect with guidance from your higher self, and generate unstoppable momentum for you to become fully self-expressed.

Envision Yourself Receiving...

Welcome Orientation
($500 in Value)

Pre-Transformation Clarity Intake Assessed By Juliet Prior to Mentorship

  • Dig deeper into your soul purpose, mission, and gifts
  • Clarify what you are looking to achieve
  • Guidelines and expectations to maximize your experience for this journey
  • Let go of clutter in your life to make space for new energy, people and opportunities

VIP Half Day
($2000 ++ in Value)

Activate your spirit-led vision, and spend 4 hours with Juliet during this private Virtual VIP Intensive to: 

  • Access your soul records
  • Crystallize and activate your vision and desires
  • Uncover your hidden gifts, talents and shadows
  • Establish tangible short term goals and long term vision
  • Create a powerful daily plan of mindful and positive habits and practices

 Transformational Calls
($8000 ++ in Value)

Receive masterful coaching during your 13 private biweekly calls, dedicated to your next quantum leap and... 

  • Share soul-aligned and expert guidance to turn challenges into successes
  • Co-create the results you desire and step into your next level
  • Truly understand the layers behind the messages of your journey, and practically apply the wisdom to upgrade all areas of your life

Vision Embodiment System
($2,500 ++ in Value)

Plus, content-rich membership access to:

Desire Embodiment System ™ - 14 modules of essential trainings of exercises, workbooks, resources, powerful daily practices and habits, and templates to create transformation and conscious success

Bonus – Voxer
($11,000 ++ in Value)

Ever wished you could have access to Juliet's perspective and support in between calls?

Have back pocket access from anywhere: quick Vox voice and text for accountability, support, and quick problem solving for 7 MONTHS

We'll Be a Match Made in Heaven If...

  • You are a heart-centered, motivated and driven man or woman works with psychedelics. You can dedicate about an hour per day to your inner work so that you can powerfully transform all aspects of your life.
  • You really care about your life, your growth, and being all that you can be. You want to create the most aligned fulfillment and success for yourself. You also feel you have a higher purpose, and desire to be of greater service to the world.
  • You are willing to open up, get curious, try different approaches, step outside of your mind and ego, and take action to create results for yourself.
  • You are excited about opportunities to uplevel, and have been making financial investment into your personal and business growth because you see yourself as your best investment. 
  • You appreciate the value of mentoring with someone who invests about 40k per year into her personal growth alone, has unstoppable faith in you, and creates a powerful energy container that holds her clients at their highest level.  

This Isn't For You If...

  • You have no desire to expand, evolve, and create anything different than what you currently have. You go through life with a "whatever happens happens" attitude, and do not have goals or aspirations. 
  • You aren't willing to commit your time and financial resources to the duration of this 7-month mentoring program. Investing into your growth and business isn't aligned with your core values, and you have a ton of money drama.
  • You are close-minded and argumentative with a "prove it to me" attitude. You tend to take things personally.
  • You are not willing to take 100% responsibility for your life (both the good and bad). You want to blame others for your life, and want results handed to you without doing the work. 
  • You have deep unprocessed trauma and are in need of therapy. Coaching is NOT therapy. 


  • I had a successful private practice in Midtown, Manhattan for years. My work involved facilitating 1:1 and group transformation combining a background in psychology, a decade of teaching, Reiki, hypnosis, past life regression, and quantum life coaching. 
  • Self-actualization is a top priority in my life. I invest a large amount of financial resources and time annually to work with a team of mentors, experts and transformational leaders, in addition to regularly working with plant medicine and receiving more training. As someone who is deeply committed to living by the highest standards in her life, coaching and mentoring with me is an experience that will empower you to elevate yours. 
  • My clients (from stay-at-home moms to CEOs) from around the globe have achieved great success. They have created conscious communities, transformed their businesses, sold out retreats, doubled and tripled their income, boosted productivity and creativity, started books and movements, left unhappy marriages and toxic relationships, healed childhood wounds, left behind shame and struggle, and released decade-long psycho-emotional blockages in pursuit of their highest callings.


       I do not believe in anything less than 100%, and I am COMMITTED to showing up for you at 1000%. Please know that I only work with those women and men who are 1000% COMMITTED to BRINGING THEIR BEST SELVES into all areas of their lives. 

      This journey is a deep dive, and you will experience profound transformation and upgrades in EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE. This is an intimate and powerful energy container that requires you to be ready and willing to invest in yourself emotionally, mentally and financially. 

      See What Others Have to Say...

      "After my ayahuasca retreat, I was struggling with taking consistent intentional action, especially acting on who I am. Above all, I found it challenging to be willing to show up. As a result of working with Juliet, I’ve registered two business names, enrolled with Speakers Institute, refined my seminar, and created a script for my first video promo. I have recommenced writing my book again, and I am currently working on logos and building a website. In addition, I’ve implemented an empowering daily ritual which is having a wonderful impact on my daily life. Being mentored by Juliet allowed me to embody a different perspective on who I am, my place in the universe and my Soul purpose. I’ve said yes to evolving into the fullest expression of my essence. If you are interested in working with Juliet, ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE THE CAUSE IN YOUR LIFE.”

      Karl Knight Speaker and Healer, AU

      "Before Juliet, I was feeling very stuck and frustrated with my work. I had been doing a similar thing for 10 years and although I knew I needed a change, I couldn’t see a way forward.

      Juliet empowered me to clarify my vision for what I am here to offer as my medicine to the world right now. I was able to let go of old beliefs and assumptions about how I thought I should work, or was expected to work, and a whole new way opened up for me. I have completely changed the way I practice my healing work now. I have let go of my attachment to other people’s expectations, and let go of my attachment to doing things 'right,' and have allowed a more spontaneous, authentic and intimate way of healing come forward.

      I have also developed ways of creating a positive and enthusiastic state of mind, what Juliet might refer to as a higher frequency. This has had a great effect on my life overall, enabling me to access my intuition and creativity in a more efficient and easeful way. I have reshaped the way I offer my healing sessions. I have written a whole new website. A whole new program has dropped down for me that I am currently weaving into existence on this plane. I have offered a women’s circle and a day retreat with excellent numbers and easeful completion. Next year I am offering 4 new ways of working with me, teaching things that I have wanted to teach for some years.

      I feel much more certain of my vision and my dedication to my soul path has really clarified and expanded. I also feel that there is so much more room for growth, expansion and flow than I knew was possible before. My connection with Spirit is strong and clear, and many new ways and channels are opening up for me.

      I would like to share my gratitude for having the opportunity to work with Juliet. Her insights were unique and inspiring. Her enthusiasm, courage and persistence were and still are greatly appreciated. Juliet’s skill is to open up the field and show you the whole matrix. It’s like being lifted up into the air and seeing your life from the Moon."

      Melissa Abrahams / Ritual Facilitator, Wise Woman and Retreat Leader, AU

      "I found Juliet in a time when I was confused with what steps to take next after ayahuasca. A lot was happening in my life and I needed guidance. Juliet took me to my higher self so I could make the right decisions which I now do all the time. I learned to connect with my heart, to speak to my emotions and deal with challenges. She has helped me so much in making firm decisions and setting goals using my own internal guide. I am moving forward as a psychotherapist, cacao ceremony facilitator and launching my project to bridge spirituality and education for children. I am so grateful that I got to work with Juliet." 

      Dee Modha / Entrepreneur and Rythmia Guest, UK

      A percentage of your coaching investment will be going to one of the following:

      1. AMAZON WATCH: A non-profit organization to protect the rainforest, defend indigenous rights, and address climate change.

      2. MAPS: The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics.

      3. ALTURAS WILDLIFE SANCTUARY: A wildlife sanctuary located in Dominical, Costa Rica that nurtures animals back to health and reintroduces them to nature.