Restoration from Our Fall from Grace

The Victim-Perpetrator-Savior Matrix Program

In the last several months, I’ve been guided to dedicate a significant chunk of time and energy into deciphering the many complex layers of our reality, which occurs mostly on the occult level (occult means hidden, not evil). 

The majority of the population on our planet are deeply hooked into the victim archetype. Their thoughts, emotions and actions are all determined by matrix programming. They’re the “normal citizens” within the matrix and targets for Agent Smith Syndrome (being unconsciously possessed by the police within the matrix to maintain its control by eliminating potential threats, an example is supporting lockdowns and m*sk wearing, and the stripping away of our freedom). 

Then there’s a percentage of the awakened ones who are in various stages of remembering the truth of our origin – to whom this post is dedicated to.

The victim-perpetrator-savior program, in addition to many other programs, softwares, archetypes, implants, and holograms, are designed and implemented within our matrix for complete physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual enslavement.

The occult forces and their minions are clever manipulators with advanced technology, without originality. Their signature move is to take the original creations, and scatter, rearrange and distort them to change their frequency and weaponize them. An example is the inverted symbols. 

Inner Fragmentation – Humanity’s Original Wound

Perhaps their most deadly weapon of all, has been the manufactured inner fragmentation – cutting humanity off from God, and our inner feminine from our masculine. This is humanity’s original wound, a fall from God’s Grace.

A disembodied human is easily deceived, because they are disconnected from God the Father. They’re also easier targets for entity possession as they do not have the truth. Up to 80% of our population have some type of entity attachment, some can be rather unnoticeable. 

Inner fragmentation/Disembodiment creates a massive blind spot internally, hence while truth is in plain sight (and it has been for a very long time now), they can’t see it. They eat the lies up for breakfast and will defend the system to death.

If you observe carefully, every major strategy rolled out by the 1% controlling force plays into our inner split:

  • Divide and conquer.

  • The two party system.

  • Socially engineered movements to get one group of people to wage war on another.

Now, moving onto false light. 

False Light Matrix Program

The false light program is an immensely complex multi-layered counterintelligence program that’s triggered, whenever someone gets too close to the truth. It’s another part of policing of the matrix. 

At every predicted level of human consciousness, there’s a false light program ready to be activated to indoctrinate you back into the matrix, except, you’ll believe you’ve awakened. You can also bet that the mind has been studied thoroughly by this controlling group, rendering almost all human behavior, aka reactions (most people have never formed one original thought in their entire lives), highly predictable. 

99% of the teachings and practices in the new age/transformation space are that. 

Oprah, Marianne Williamson, ACIM, Deepak Chopra, etc. Many yogic teachings. Many billionaire influencers such as Richard Branson. Many spiritual teachings such as The Galactic Federation, certain ascended masters, most 5D channelings, etc. It is a massive list. And these are the other faces of the Rockefeller’s and Rothchild’s – dressed in a light suit to pull you back. 

(Study their symbols, hand gestures, and the energy. Look into Luciferian principles).

I am not shaming anyone, and this is also not about demonizing anyone’s beliefs or work. We’ve all fallen for false light and I still discover its remnants in my thinking from time to time. Here’s my experience:

  • False light can feel good (as the truth of our current reality can be incredibly unsettling and unpleasant). 

  • It gets you results, sometimes fast results, hence the hook. 

  • It often talks about “love,” “unity,” “light,” “personal will power and determination,” “no such thing as evil save for your own shadows,” “being progressive” (this is the foundation of liberalism) and “enlightenment.” 

  • It gives you a sense of belonging. Many new age communities have a cultish feel to them, to the point that many become social justice warriors defending the devil and their slave masters without knowing it. 

  • It falsely empowers you into believing you are God.

  • Etc. 

The true path to liberation through God the Creator (we are the creations), and the Luciferian principles can look and feel strikingly similar, and there’s often times a very thin line between them, because:

  1. Lies mixed with truth, that make us feel good are that much harder to detect and resist. 
  1. The latter is banking on our inner fragmentation/blind spot. 

Some in the awakened space are still part of the victim-perpetrator-savior program, but in a much more subtle way. These Matrix programs have different entry points designed to hook people at different levels of consciousness into them. On the lower level, its hook is always fear. On a higher level, its hook can often look like courage and personal empowerment. 

Enslavement Program

This also ties into the enslavement program – no matter how much inner work we’ve done, most of us still get uncomfortable around the idea of abandoning an external government and becoming 100% self-governing, so we make the choice of “I want to elect a more benevolent leader to govern us.”

At any time when we place any personal responsibility of creating individual and global change into the hands of another, we are hooking into both the victim-perpetrator-savior program as well as the enslavement program. No matter how much good that person seems to be doing. No matter how empowered we feel. This is the sneaky intention behind false light, psy-ops, victim-perpetrator-savior program, etc. 

(I’ve dedicated a lot of time researching and tuning into this. The statement “sit back and enjoy the show” has been feeling off for me, before recent events even took place. I believe it’s also time for many leaders to learn to read the energy behind the intention, rather than only focus on the surface actions). 

Now, this isn’t asking you to not support those whom you want to support be it a leader or truther.

Externally, your choices and actions may not change at all. Internally, it looks like a subtle shift – from you aligning your will with God’s will.

Holograms, God, Original Design, and Restoration

Our individual and collective realities are holograms. What gets projected out, is how we are arranged from within. 

The reason why what we project out is flawed, is because our internal softwares have been tampered with. There are also generational curses that have corrupted human nature. 

The flawed software revolves around the inner fragmentation, what I call the original wound of humanity.

Why do you think there’s such a vested interest from the occult forces to alter our bodies and minds, other than having us dependent on their system? 

Everything within our food, water, medical supplies, education, entertainment, and spiritual systems are designed to distort our frequency, and perpetuate the inner fragmentation to keep us disembodied, hence enslaved. 

The matrix we live in is a highly sophisticated and complex design, yet there’s one thing that they cannot hack into, that is our way out:

Our personal connection with God – our true Father and Creator.

Any spiritual practice without God is false and inorganic, because you cannot outsmart or beat the system while you’re still in it, with components of the system. The matrix cannot produce solutions to correct itself. 

We were never meant to wander so far from God like orphans and slaves, and solely rely on ourselves for guidance, for leadership, for provision, or for anything! 

We can only be restored when we come home to Him. 

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