Safeguard Your Emotions with These 3 Tips

Be mindful of your emotions during this time. Safeguard them.

A lot has been happening in our world – pulling the strings of our emotions.

The one ultimate goal of the controlling group is to harvest our life force and trap our souls. What we give off, IS their food source. The matrix (our reality) they’ve built is the “battery farm,” similar to what’s shown in the movie The Matrix.

Each of us is an open portal within the matrix. Each of us has housed Agent Smith within and been manipulated into thinking, feeling, speaking, or doing something that didn’t come from our own organic higher guidance. This can be as subtle as falling for the new age belief “there’s no evil in this world.”

Anything that’s not truth is manipulation and distortion – to force us to BE a certain way, locked in a predictable frequency range. The main enslavement tool on our planet is frequency.

Occult forces, entities and demons feed off of the distorted data we generate within us, through fear, hate, blame, victim-perpetrator-savior projections, projections, denial, powerlessness, etc. When we fall for those hooks, we also willingly open ourselves up for their attachment/possession.

REACTION of any type is a hook that hooks us deeper into the matrix; this includes false excitement generated by “false hope news.”

Many false light predators, including some who genuinely have good intentions but are plugging into the wrong source, and misinterpreting what’s coming through, are preying on this right now offering the “false hope pill.”

To make it even more complex, one action generated from two different frequencies can lead to two different outcomes. One can be from a highly reactive/fearful place, and one from bliss. For example, we can choose to take a course from lack and scarcity, or from a place of inspiration and Godly alignment.

Most of the recent external events have been carefully designed and “acted out,” to add more confusion to our already bombarded emotional state. The constant ups and downs, the uncertainty, the divide and conquer, etc.

Emotions are highly powerful energies that shift our collective reality – the matrix they’ve built. By manipulating us, they create the anticipated outcome.

Here are three quick tips for emotional sovereignty right now:

1. Cultivate an Intimate and Personal Connection with God 

Allow God to hold you and hold what’s generated within you. See yourself in God’s armor, and create a safe and anchored space where you can feel, as well as feel held at the same time.

The invitation here is to have the willingness to release false beliefs about God that we’ve learned from religion and new age spirituality, and genuinely ask to be shown how to reconnect with our Father. I do so through Jesus Christ and the Bible.

This is an essential home coming path many are walking on right now, as humanity has been orphaned and worshipping false Gods for as long as this set of history has been recorded.

In order to fully receive God’s love in faith, we’re to heal our relationship with our masculine first, and DEVOTE to uniting within. This is a topic for another time.

2. Learn the Rules of the Game

We’ve been in the dark – not just living in a dark parasitic world, but dark is devoid of information. Light, on the other hand, is information.

A necessary step in individual and collective healing lies in having the correct information – the truth. This is the real awakening.

I find the easiest way to start is to simply ask for guidance on what your next step is, followed by a decision that you’re ready to learn the truth. I base my truth off of the word of God.

Perhaps it is to tune into a certain Podcast, or up your prayer time. Whatever you are guided to do, take the step without resisting.

3. Balance Staying Informed with Proactively Cultivating Your Inner World

If we are genuinely interested in operating from alignment these days, it is impossible to live under a rock or bury our heads in the sand. Which is why I don’t buy into the perspective of “completely unplug yourself from all.”

Just because you avoid it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And humanity has been avoiding this very harsh red pill for eons now.

In addition, unconscious portals are the easiest targets for Agent Smith syndrome and entity possession.

However, there is certainly a balance – too much too fast too soon bombards our nervous system, and triggers the deeply embedded fear/survival fight or flight programming.

Part of it is self-awareness and being in tune with our bodies: knowing when to start and when to quit, reading the red flags our bodies give off when we are over-consuming and stepping over our own boundaries, etc.

Part of it is detoxing from misaligned beliefs and practices from false light teachings.

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