Stop Apologizing for Wanting More

Powerful women: STOP lying to yourself about not wanting to charge more money for your services. I KNOW YOU DO!

The question becomes,

Can you do it unapologetically?

Many years ago, I used to apologize for charging money for my services.

I wasn’t someone who just had passion to help people. I was trained in many different modalities, and already had solid skill sets and expertise.

I’d get on the phone with someone, give away hours of coaching for free, and have them tell me in the end they didn’t think paying for coaching was “spiritual.”

Several times, I’d allow myself to get bullied into giving discounts or more freebies.

Yes, my boundaries were shit. AND…

I thought I was being nice.

I practically apologized for breathing, for being in business, and for just being me. 

One day two years ago when my bank account hit -17K, I decided…

I wasn’t going to run my business based on what others expected of me.

I invested tons of money to learn how to give myself permission to Be me and Do me, along with many other things.

Within a couple of months, I went from five-figure years to five-figure months.

Some of the most enlightening lessons in my life didn’t come from inner work in the jungle.

In fact, the need for more inner work is exactly where I see many powerful women in the transformation space HIDE.

Because they are so good at telling themselves they need one more online course before they can ask for what they want on a sales call!

As a result, they hide in their own shadows and wonder why the money isn’t coming in.

  • The reclamation of power came when I gave myself the permission to command fees that feel good to me.
  • It came from allowing myself to be divinely compensated for the life-changing work I deliver.
  • It came from embracing SALES which is probably some of the most transformative inner work I’ve done – because all our shit from “I’m not worthy” to ancestral fear programming will come up.

These days, I see brilliant women with real expertise apologizing for charging even $300, let alone 3K, 7K, 10K, 15K, or 50K.

It’s usually met with a nervous laugh.

Followed by “I don’t think I can. This is already my limit.”

Is it? REALLY?

Or are you merely playing out the programming you’ve inherited from others, and you’re apologizing for what you REALLY want, because…

You don’t see yourself good enough or deserving enough, and you’re afraid others will judge you for being a greedy ass bitch and call you a fraud?


We all want more money. We just can’t live with the idea of being rejected!! So we hide. Then we make up stories about us hiding.

For the Queen coaches, consultants, mentors and practitioners who are delivering real value to clients.

For 2020…

If you have truly decided this is the time for you to BE YOU AND DO YOU.

  • Then stop apologizing.
  • Stop apologizing for asking for more money.
  • Stop all the nonsense that’s gotten you trapped in your 5-figures despite how brilliant you are.
  • Stop apologizing for breathing. For being you. For wanting more.


You have desires, because you are human.

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