The Bridge Archetype

The Bridge is a rare archetype.

It is neither found anywhere on Google, nor is it part of Carl Jung’s work.


The world is divided into two polarities. The game of life is duality:

Spiritual/heart/right brain/feminine, and secular/mind/left brain/masculine.

The former emphasizes on being and visioning, while the latter focuses on doing and building.

We live in a universe of polarities – everything about anything, is made of polarities, or contrast:

  • Light and dark
  • Left and right
  • Night and day
  • Intellect and intuition


It is even interest to reflect on the fact that in the United States, there are two primary political parties.

Somewhere among the polarities, a third archetype is formed:

The Bridge.

Bridge Psyche:

They’re masters of both realms, yet identify with neither.

Although, they blend in perfectly with the left-brained high performing/high achieving group, which is usually their preferred choice.

They may start off with some common spiritual teachings but usually tire of them very quickly – as spirituality on earth is laced with distortions and religious trauma. And, the Bridges have no time for bullshit.

The Bridges navigate easily and seamlessly between two realms, with one foot in each reality solidly.

In fact, it’s inaccurate to say they navigate.

The mature Bridges occupy a third template – a synergetic union between the spiritual and secular, that is greater than the sum of both parts.

She/he isn’t the sum/integration of both parts, but is a separate entity that is, YES, and MORE.

The reality they live in is the bridge between the two realms, energy and matter. They’re masters at quantum leaping as well as seeing through the illusions in both realms.

Bridge Archetype Traits:

They are intelligent, analytical, high performing and high achieving, intuitive, emphatic, and polarizing, all at the same time.

There is no “switching gears,” it’s simply a natural way of being.

They align with truth, and aren’t worried about offending others or thinking outside the box. Due to their very Bridge nature, for the most part, they operate from outside the box.

They may carry similar traits as empaths and starseeds, but do not identify with them.

Since they embody a unique archetype that is undefined by humanity, they prefer no labels.

They’re in the world, but not of it.

Yet, because they blend in so well, both the spiritual and high performing communities are magnetized to them because they can speak their language perfectly.

Most of the Bridges I know, myself included, identity as a high performer, rather than spiritual.

Bridge Archetype Purpose:

The purpose of the Bridge is to bridge paradigms, in Being and doing:

To not be swung by either polarity, but to bring humanity to its next level evolution that is a synergetic co-creation of feminine and masculine, heart and mind, body and consciousness, and divine will and human will – which will then manifest as heaven on earth.

They have a deep level of self-awareness as well as clarity of their purpose, and are on a mission to execute it. Their choices and actions are relentlessly driven by this mission.

Along the way, they operate from many other archetypes as one:

Leader, healer, sage, shaman, priestess/priest, magician, visionary, alchemist, etc.

Again, they do not identify with any one label, because their very existence is about uniqueness, unification and synergy.

Bridge Archetype Soul Contract:

Bridges are born alchemists, and being in their presence is deeply activating and alchemizing. It is done without trying or doing.

The more the Bridge has done their inner work and has matured in her/his own Being, the more activating and captivating their transmission becomes.

Because of their chosen purpose and the level of awareness they operate from, they deeply care about humanity and earth.

At a certain point, they realize the way to transform our planet and bridge paradigms is to learn the rules of each polarity/realm, so they can break them and transform the system from the inside out.

They’re driven by their desire to learn as much as they can, but do not follow any one-size-fits-all formula, as they are natural rule and code breakers.

Because of their alchemizing nature, they usually end up creating their own unique methodologies.

Because of this, once they mature and unleash, they can easily create the success and impact they want (they also won’t rest until they do so anyway), in their chosen fields.

Bridge Archetype Shadows:

Complete inability to fit in – a desire they surrender easily as they mature.

They usually know there’s more than meets the eye from a very young age, but are unable to fully comprehend it.

They feel rejected by any group they try to blend into. There can be much self-judgement and self-doubt for years.

They can have poor boundaries as they’re highly empathic. Since people love being in their activating energy, many Bridges find themselves giving away their time and energy freely, until they burn out.

Once they learn boundaries, they can seem ruthless or arrogant to others, which they aren’t.

But they will choose their mission above everything else, and appear highly polarizing without giving two cents about getting approval from anyone. Again, the mission is their #1 priority.

They can also suffer from overachiever syndrome and burnouts – chasing after achievement, success, and mission.

The mature Bridges usually find much in common with high performing intellectuals and leaders who share their vision and ambition, who often become their friends, collaborators, and clients.

All their lives, until they integrate the polarities within, they have difficulty playing out “either or,” as being “just spiritual” or “just high achieving” feels limiting and like a huge turn off.

And, the long years in which they learn to master rules of both realms so they can eventually break and alchemize them can be excruciatingly challenging.

The Bridges I know often do this alone, since there are very few coaches and mentors who are of this archetype, and are mature enough to guide a Bridge in all areas (it would require the mentor to have walked through these stages first).

Because of that, they can be late bloomers.

They usually invest a lot of money and time working with different experts so their need to advance in all areas can be fulfilled.

They can have trouble shutting down the mind as well as their channeling/creative process. This again leads to overworking.

Bridge’s Business:

Niching, audience clarity, and marketing can be very challenging until they integrate the polarities within themselves, and stop operating from the place of separation and “either or.”

They can choose a narrowed down niche and do extremely well in it, until they begin to feel limited and bored which shows up as symptoms of wanting to destroy their own creations, which usually ends with them creating their own niche and fully coming out of the closet.

Their ability to broadcast their unique genius, and be seen in it, heavily depends on their level of consciousness, as well as how much mastery they’ve had in both realms so much so that they’re comfortable with operating from the third realm/template – the synergetic co-creation between two polarities.

If they do not fully own their uniqueness and be bold enough to broadcast it, they most likely will look and sound like everyone else in their chosen niche, while feeling like “something is missing and I can be more.”

It doesn’t matter if they create the income and success they want at this stage, the internal fire of “I am more” will burn through them to the point of self-destructive, if they do not learn to give themselves permission to be who they need to be.

Birthing new creations fuels them, as they get bored doing the same old same old very quickly.

Often times, they’ll destroy a creation almost as soon as they create it, because they’ve already evolved way past it.

They evolve rapidly, because they are masters in quantum leaping and “reality hopping” – it can be a challenge for their physical manifestations (businesses, relationships, etc.) to keep up with the rapid internal change. This can easily be integrated with the right methodology and mentor.

Because of what’s demanded of them, they usually become very good at marketing – knowing exactly what to say to get their clients’ attention, and how to energetically back it up. The energy piece encompasses up to 95% of their marketing.

Having a repertoire of skill sets to go deep with their clients is important for their businesses.

But even more importantly, their frequency matters a whole lot in client attraction and money. Their work must be in alignment with their bigger purpose and their genius – which is not learned, but activated.

It’s hard for them to find mentors who can truly see and hold their bigness and uniqueness. For the most part, they learn from experts in different niches and piece them together.

There is a deep desire to be seen.

Many of them spend a good portion of their lives looking for others like them. And when they meet, there is a deep soul-level resonance and recognition.

What It’s Like to Be Mentored By a Bridge

Bridges are excellent mentors for either polarity because of their deep understanding of what it takes to operate from wholeness and human potential.

9 out of 10 of them choose to work with high performers, those who share the same drive as they have.

For those secretly looking for an “all in one” high level mentor, that’s usually a Bridge, as they’re masters in multiple domains and can help others weave different realities into one seamless co-creation.

Even if they niche (as in, business coaching, marketing, or peak performance coaching), working with them is a deep dive that will lead to life-changing transformation in all areas. They will inevitably push you to harness the power of your potential.

The Bridges at their early stages often work as empowerment mentors for others.

Later, they are almost always pulled to work with awakened leaders who have already decided they are great, but need to amplify their genius.

This is a process that can’t be rushed for the Bridge, as there are different evolutionary stages they must go through.

However, working with an aligned mentor can greatly accelerate this process.

Bridge Marketing:

The best way for Bridges to create magnetic content and market to their soulmate clients, is to…

Stand in their unique genius and be original (while playing with aligned structure and strategies), instead of regurgitating the same old information everyone and their grandmother has read in a self-help book, or what their coaches have passed onto them.

Again, this requires a tremendous amount of inner evolution and self-awareness.

The advantage they have is, Bridges are natural channels – because part of their work is activating and anchoring codes on this planet, so they are extremely connected and have no shortage of insights.

Final thoughts:

Mature Bridges thrive on originality.

They are thought leaders and pioneers of consciousness – they know they aren’t here to be like everyone else, but to pave the way.

They often look at the human race as children with much to learn.

I haven’t met many mature Bridges in my life.

The ones I know are all high performers: consultants, money shamans, peak performance coaches, body-mind mastery mentors, business strategists, visionary coaches, and 7-figure reiki healers, and zen masters.

Everything channeled here is from limited data, and my personal case studies.

The foundation of my work isn’t based on human design or gene keys.

It’s around archetypes, levels of consciousness, and our evolutionary blueprint.


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