Is this you?

  • Looking for ways to plow through your fears and make confident decisions without relying on psychedelics (yes, it's possible, and this is the actual purpose of working with psychedelics)
  • Wondering why you are falling back to old limiting habits rather than making the shifts you want to move forward after having adopted advice from self-development books, Podcasts, and/or Facebook groups
  • Struggling with managing your energy, draining relationships, and the same old self-sabotaging patterns despite the enlightened moments from your psychedelic journeys

You are ready to finally follow your heart, and create the life you desire. Perhaps it means loving relationships, traveling, or tapping into your higher purpose. 

But...something is still missing.

You are confused about what you need to do to move forward, but you know exactly what you don't need...

  • That voice that tells you to keep wasting away in your safety zone rather than following your dream of traveling to Bali and writing your book surrounded by beauty in nature
  • That kick in the gut you get every time when you convince yourself to call your toxic ex even though your heart is yearning for freedom, forgiveness, and a soulmate who truly sees, loves, and appreciates you
  • That naggy self-criticism saying you don't have what it takes to own your gifts and talents, step into your power, and share your messages with the world in a bigger way

You are tired of scrambling for information, and just want a comprehensive structure with practical and proven resources and tools you can use to create the life you want to be living.

The truth is, you are a BORN CREATOR. 

LASTING transformation occurs when you master your inner world, and choose your thoughts, habits and actions from an upgraded mindset, frequency, and inner operating system. 

Each of us has limiting unconscious mental programs called lack, struggle and low self-worth as a part of our past conditioning.

These programs determine what type of relationships we get into, how much money we make, and what type of fulfillment we allow ourselves to generate.

Until you reclaim your power in life and upgrade from the inside out, it's so easy to give into unconscious self-sabotaging patterns that lead to unfulfilling careers, toxic relationships, low self-esteem, financial lack, low energy, etc.

While psychedelics can bring powerful insights on what's been holding you back and what your highest potential is, it takes MORE STRATEGICALLY DESIGNED mix of education, practices and actions to truly change your old ways, SAY YES to the life you want to be living, and create the physical, emotional and mental fulfillment you desire. 

It is my mission to lead you to embody your power and transform your world, right here, right now. 


  • Identifying and releasing negative thoughts and habits that have been blocking your self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence
  • Clarifying your goals, and replacing fears and self-sabotaging habits with faith and aligned positive decisions to achieve your personal, professional, and spiritual goals after your journey
  • Having a complete repertoire of tools, steps, and teachings to master clarity, mindfulness, and inner-confidence any time you want, without needing to rely on psychedelics 
  • Healing past relationships, reclaiming your power, and setting clear boundaries so that you enjoy your relationships more while calling in new people and energy into your life
  • Diving deeper into your purpose and innate creative power to design the life you want from a place of inner mastery
  • Strengthening your intuition and getting clear on what actions to take next, while deeply integrating the wisdom and messages from your journeys and your highest self
  • Nurturing and honoring yourself on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, and having more energy and vitality to do the things you always want to do

A long time ago, when I first started designing this coaching immersion curriculum, I only had integration in mind. 

But as I began speaking to more people, I realized there is an ENORMOUS NEED in making this a more comprehensive, hands-on, and truly transformative experience that encompasses all areas of life, like...

  • Finally ditching that paralyzing fear that's been ruling your life and stopping you from creating your dream lifestyle. 
  • Releasing toxic relationships, and calling in loving and inspiring people that are meant to support you.
  • Working with practical knowledge and tools to not just heal your past, but also getting clear on what you want and taking aligned actions to bridge vision and reality.

So I kept on revising and expanding this curriculum, taking steps and strategies I've been using to successfully coach my private clients to create breakthrough results.

This 8-week immersion experience offers a powerful system of the core steps and strategies you need to uplevel your personal, professional and spiritual life.

You can say that this is the missing link between your psychedelic journeys and real life results. 

Get to Know Juliet:

  • Combined 17 years of experience in psychology, social work, MA in education, and (a decade of) teaching and curriculum design and personal growth
  • Transformational Coaching + Quantum Life Coaching + Recovery and Wellness Coaching + Spiritual Coaching
  • 5 years in working with, and teaching energy medicine. Reiki master teacher. 
  • Hypnotherapy + past life regression, business + leadership mentor, Chief Energy Officer of two businesses, and specializes in mindfulness techniques, chakra upgrades, archetypcal embodiment, mind-body integration, spiritual awakening, manifestation teachings, and quantum healing in addition to coaching


An 8-week course experience for you to create a life of positivity, power and purpose

You Will Receive:

8 weekly private 1:1 calls, dedicated to your personal needs, energy, and transformation ($6000 in value)

  • share aligned strategies, intuitive guidance, and masterful coaching to catalyst deeper and lasting transformation
  • Co-create your next-level goals in your personal, profesional and spiritual life
  • Receive high-level and focused support, clarity, and accountability
  • Up to one email weekly for support
  • AND...


($3500 in value)

  • 8 PDF transcripts of essential teachings with real life examples
  • 8 workbooks, consisting of journaling exercises and reflections to support your understanding and practice


($100 in value)

Get yourself ready for more confidence, more self-love, more vibrance, more intuition, more clarity, more positivity, and more aligned action. Let go of visible and invisible clutter to make space for new energy, people and opportunities with Declutter Your Life and a list of selected guided meditations 


($250 in Value)

A step-by-step Guide that details shadow work, spiritual awakening, the common emotions and "symptoms" at each stage, and practical guidance on how to navigate your awakening


Step into a proven and powerful process that will guide you to transform yourself, drop limitations, and take bold actions to bridge where you are, and where you want to be while deeply integrating your medicine experience into all areas of your life

Module 1. Mastering Transformation

Module 2. Claiming Your Infinite Worth

Module 3. Going from Fear to Faith

Module 4. Processing and Clearing Challenging Emotions

Module 5. Tapping Into Empowered Awareness

Module 6. Navigating Relationships and Boundaries

Module 7. Restoring Wholeness and Power

Module 8. Celebration, Reflection and Vision Quest

This is definitely a YES for you if...

  • You are an awakened and driven man or woman who can dedicate about 40 minutes per day to put in the self-work to grow, expand, and upgrade yourself and your life
  • You are open to different approaches and practices, and are ready to heal and release deep-rooted individual and collective shadow programs to go to your next level in your personal, professional, and spiritual life
  • You are an action taker, can take responsibility of your life and results, and are willing and committed to putting these tools and processes to use to achieve the goals you set for yourself

This is NOT best for you if...

  • You don't want to put in the time or energy to do this work, and want a magic solution to get overnight results
  • You aren't ready to face and release your resistance and blockages, and are close-minded to different mind-body-spirit approaches
  • You aren't willing to take full responsibility of your thoughts and actions, like to dwell in victim and blame-shifting mentality, and do not want to commit to doing the work to create aligned results for yourself
  • You have deep unprocessed emotional trauma and addictions that require professional therapy


The value of over $9850 ++ worth of support and expertise that is PRICELESS for you to deeply transform into the person you desire to be, and upgrade your life.
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