The Prostitute’s Shadow


I’ve gone through another big purge. Uncovering another layer of where I was giving away my energy.

The other night, I was performing a retrieval ritual to call back all my energy – energy leaks are detrimental to our health, pleasure, and money.

I was shown an area where I was still leaking energy.

I was shown, that I was leaking energy into the previous roles I chose to play in my business back then.

I built a large following back then. A significant number of them were unconsciously putting me on a pedestal, while giving away their power.

I was playing the savior, prostituting my energy. I attracted many who wanted to be saved, who didn’t really want to do the work but wanted the solution handed to them.

It was mostly my frequency that called them in.

Though it was all from years ago, since all articles I published back then are still circulating on the internet (I don’t own the rights), I’d get random seekers DMing me, wanting advice.

While some amazing friendships have come out of those years, those are the roles I have ZERO desire to reprise.

I’ve moved on long ago.

And…at the possible risk of being labeled as incredibly selfish and arrogant, I am here to say:

  • “I am not available for you.”
  • “I am not available for this.”
  • “I am not available for you to project who I should be for you, onto me.”
  • “I am not your guru or savior.”
  • “I am here, to Be, Do, and Create what turns me on. This is my golden standard.”

I realized…this was the layer I needed to remove from my body, to stop some from following me from platform to platform, or getting on my mailing list then emailing me, even though my current business and message have nothing to do with what they need.

Of course I’m 100% responsible for my own liberation. And I’m here to execute it.

It is my intention that as I am liberating myself, they are also liberated.

I’ve started archiving all old posts on my IG that are no longer congruent with who I am today, while deleting followers.

I’m dedicating this post to women – The Queens who have been born with a soul contract to lead humanity into its next level beauty, wealth, sensuality, health, leadership, etc., because I’ve seen in every single client of mine, the shadow of the prostitute.

Historically, women have been conditioned to “be nice,” at the cost of our own radiance (and money).

  • The people pleasing when it comes to sales.
  • The “what if I get judged” when it comes to pricing.
  • The self-doubt and self-sabotage when it comes to channeling our genius, in content marketing.
  • The fear when it comes to defining who our highest level clients are, and calling them in, because we want to be available to everyone with the story “I don’t want to leave people behind or offend them.”

Yes, this is boundaries. Yes, this is love.

And…both can be messy. Both can be fierce. Both can piss people off greatly. Both can earn you “unspiritual selfish bitch, who the fuck do you think you are?”

Yet your golden standard is a selfish co-creation between you and God. And it ain’t anyone else’s business.

Where are you giving away your energy too freely, out of an unconscious obligation?

Are you ready to own yourself again?

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