The Real Reason Why You Compare Yourself to Other Women

In the past when I was a business strategist, most women came to me with one main goal: to create a 6-figure/+ coaching business.

I’m not here to talk about other women’s money goals. I hold the firm belief that money is energy – and it can be used for good or evil.

However, I’ll say with 100% honesty that “a 6-figure+ coaching business” was not an authentic desire for many of those women – they simply got caught up in the whirlwind of “I want it because they have it.”

It’s safe to say that every woman who’s reading these words has compared herself to other women at least once in her life:

“Why can’t I write copy like her?”

“Why don’t I attract the same type of men?”

“I wish I was that…(popular, pretty, radiant, smart, feminine, etc.).”

Comparisonitis comes from the feminine rejecting being led and defined by the Masculine. She does not trust He adores her so much that He has already paved the path for her, and is the lamp unto her feet.

I know God has gifted each of us a unique set of spiritual gifts, talents, and experiences to bring an expression of His Kingdom vision into manifestation. No one can duplicate what we have.

Yet if you have an internal power struggle with men, or you were brought up by a dad who was not always there for you, as an adult woman, you wouldn’t feel safe trust you can be provided for, and you would resist, rather than receive.

Maybe you are meant to speak on stage because you are a superb communicator, instead of doing 1:1 coaching.

Or marry a painter who lives in the country and raises goats (as opposed to trying to find someone similar to your friend’s husband who’s a Wall St. executive).

Or start a podcast instead of writing blogs.

But if you are busy doubting the Masculine direction you’ve been given, you’ll never discover what vision He wants you to birth into this world.

True fulfillment doesn’t come from you forcing yourself into others’ shoes, doing what they are doing.

It comes from you walking the unique path that is specifically carved out for you, while being true to your original design — a feminine being who inspires closeness and co-creation with the Masculine.

Dear ladies, you’ve spent your whole life trying too hard, because you have been lied to that you are a one-woman-show.

You are anything but alone. It’s time for you to remember what’s always been promised to you – His Kingdom.

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