True Feminine Awakening Through the Exaltation of the Masculine

One of the questions I get asked the most from women, when I talk about deepening into our femininity through exalting the masculine within us, is this,

“What about feminine empowerment, shouldn’t women focus on that?”

I’d love to share a personal story.

I spent years trying to decipher the masculine and feminine dynamics, swinging wildly between the two – from focusing solely on feminine embodiment, to operating from a hardened hyper-masculine identity of “just doing whatever it takes.”

I remember looking at other women sharing how much success they’ve created from pussy power and sex magic, and feeling like, “this isn’t quite it. Something is missing.” 

By God’s grace, I was initiated into an intense journey of healing my relationship with my inner masculine sometime in 2019, after many months of burnouts from believing reconnecting with my masculine meant being a high performing boss bitch.

Little did I know at the time, this began my journey of home coming to the son and the Father.

The new age spiritual community has forever been preaching union with God through oneness, as in “everyone and everything is God.” Yet there is no true union, unless each polarity within us is expressed. Just like a physical relationship, it requires two to enter into a dance of partnership and co-creation.

Navigating the dance between polarities goes way beyond gender, as masculine and feminine are both CORE EXPRESSIONS within the self and the collective, just as the Father is always within us in Spirit, regardless of whether our biological father is in the picture.

This is where the confusion comes from, because when we throw gender equality or human rights into this, we are missing the bigger picture. It’s never been about that!

Embracing our feminine essence means embracing values such as love, connection, purity, flow, expression, and play, through our RELATION to the masculine. From personal experience, I know our feminine never feels fully safe in her expression, until she is resting in the arms of the masculine. 

This is why no matter how deep I believe I went into spirituality or feminine leadership, I was never quite there. Looking back, I was trying to fix something while operating from a fragmented inner template.

The luminous feminine is a reflection of the masculine – this is the eternal dance between our masculine and feminine polarities. She exists within his divine architecture that is the playground for her and her alone, where the essence of feminine divine permeates every cell of hers.

The more she surrenders into her masculine, the softer and more open her feminine energetic portal becomes to receiving him, and the more radiance and beauty are revealed in her and exuded from her – those are usually buried underneath all her insecurities and wounds around the masculine. To learn more about what those wounds are and how to heal them, refer to my post What Adam and Eve Want to Warn Men and Women Today About Relationships HERE.

She becomes a woman in love – in eternal life.

A woman who lives in a glowing turn-on that goes way beyond the sexual.

The lover within her amplifies her feminine essence through him, as she becomes one with devotion – worshiping her king, and in reverence of the Father.

Worship is part of our feminine essence, whether a woman chooses or suppresses it. The feminine is always looking to be led by a strong masculine. However, when a woman is not fully anchored by her own king within, she can be easily persuaded to place her faith in an external masculine figure who does not have her best interest in heart.

The Bible is full of passages on wives submitting to their husbands and holding them in reverence. I can imagine how much this triggers modern day ambitious women.

We live in a society that not only lacks proper initiation to guide boys and girls into manhood and womanhood, but also has greatly distorted masculinity and femininity that has fragmented us from the inside out.

Living in a flawed matrix, most of the feminine empowerment and independence movements are socially engineered programs to push women further into disembodiment. We then project our “need to be free from the man” onto our inner relationship with our king, resisting our masculine and rebelling against the Father.

It is impossible to achieve collective unity of any kind, unless we are united within first.

For the feminine, her first and eternal husband is, and always will be her masculine counterpart (for me, it is Jesus Christ), whether we have a physical partner.

Through the mirror of our king, we see exactly where we are storing shame and fear of our femininity, and where we’ve tried to hide behind an inflated “power woman” persona (which often times is created by the feminine pain body). There is simply no hiding in this process.

Through revering the perfect masculine who loves, cherishes and protects us unconditionally, we – the daughters and sons in adults’ bodies who’ve been orphaned for so long, finally feel safe to come home to the Father as His children, in worship and thanksgiving.

This is true inner child healing. 

When I finally peeled back that layer, there was a noticeable shift in all areas of my life.

By then, I already was not practicing any manifestation practices – they’ve become long irrelevant in my life, not to mention repetitive and boring. Click HERE to read my blog post Why the Law of Attraction is Rooted in the Father Wound.

I noticed everything became incredibly blissful, like each inhale I took enhanced the pleasure of being alive.

The moment I receive a desire from God, it is instantly made manifest in the physical world whether in my personal life or business. I have zero vision board or affirmation practice, because I live in full submission to God and have no need to manipulate energy bubble or thoughts. What He provides, I receive. It is simple, organic and sustainable.

Recently in one week, my partner and I put about $10 million dollars worth of real estate into contract without a sweat. I received the inspiration to do an open house for him on a weekend. By “coincidence,” I sold a $2.1 million dollar apartment to a woman in an elevator who had no idea our listing even existed. It was a 3-minute sales pitch. 

It’s made me wonder if this is what Law of Attraction practitioners have been trying to achieve all this time, but they’ve skipped this essential step. 

I began taking great pleasure in feminine arts – planting, cooking, baking, writing, decorating, and painting, many of those were long lost hobbies from my childhood. On most days, I feel like a child, approaching everything with openness and wonder. 

My relationship with my partner is experiencing even more intimacy and love.

I began feeling more beautiful, and not the skin deep kind. While I’ve always enjoyed jewelry and clothing that made me feel good in a non-extravagant way, the beauty I am immersed in these days doesn’t come from vanity. It feels like loving adornment from the Father.

My health feels more vibrant and there’s more energy. As an ex-insomniac who was always thinking about what tasks I needed to accomplish the next day, I sleep 8 hours per night, take long baths, my energy is open and relaxed, and I am far more present – there is more stillness and gentleness to all.

I spent years trying so hard, sometimes too hard, on feminine empowerment and achievement, always looking for that one missing link to the whole equation, and that one forgotten master-key that’d hand me all the secrets to God’s kingdom. I traveled to South America and back, believing all codes of the universe would be revealed to me when I ingested medicinal plants and experience oneness with God.

Yet…God’s Kingdom has always been available to me and to all of us, through His son, who IS love, faith, truth, and life. In him, our femininity is restored. Read my blog post Escaping the Spiritual Development Trap and Finding Jesus HERE.

This is why there is no way to Him, for He is the way. When we allow ourselves to fully open our hearts and receive him, and heal the fragmentation between our masculine and feminine polarities, he leads us to the Father as we ease into childlike innocence. This is the blissful family unit that exists within each of us. 

Just like Eve is a part of Adam, our feminine is a part of the masculine, for he is here to love and hold us.

Organic feminine awakening and empowerment is a path of home coming – the RESTORATION of our original template – God’s design.

Beloved. Come home.

Looking to Go Deeper?

To heal your relationship with the masculine, to learn what it’s like to be held and cherished by your king, and to deepen into feminine beauty, radiance, and joy, check out my 6-week self-study course The King’s Bride HERE

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