Using Money As Medicine – Part II

Continuation of Using Money As Medicine, Part I.

As an entrepreneur, there’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you are here to help people and be a stand for something, but money isn’t coming in consistently.

When I was there, I…

  • Overworked myself everyday, and barely had time for food or breaks (breaks, what breaks?)
  • Bought online courses here and there, and consumed ten thousand webinars, hoping to find that one magic formula that would “fix” my business.

Through years of looking for one more system and strategy, I realized…

Part of my destiny as a mentor and leader is to bring about a new way of doing things in this world – a new paradigm, sort to speak.


Money plays a VERY DIFFERENT role in the new paradigm that focuses on…

Conscious co-creation and collaboration between divinely GROUNDED thought leaders as well as community building, as opposed to the old paradigm in which money is often associated with…

Greed. Competition. And corruption.

For those conscious entrepreneurs and leaders who are on the same boat…

You are required to shift your relationship with money and the way you do business, if you want your business to support you rather than drain you.

I’ll also add that this part is crucial, whether you like it or not.

If you resist it, your income will reflect your resistance back to you. Or, the money will come in from a place of strain and stress (old paradigm), resulting in you feeling under-expressed and resentful.


Healing and upgrading your relationship with money goes light years beyond surface work of money mindset and blocks.

Now…the old paradigm of healing is to focus on the “wounds” themselves, and do self-work. Sometimes for years and decades, as in therapy.

It ain’t my thang.

The new paradigm of healing invites you to return to your wholeness (which is what healing means) through EXPANDING INTO your vision, and taking consistent aligned actions.

The new way of doing business is from a place of wholeness – wholeness in owning both the cosmic and physical aspects of us, and broadcasting them in a way that serve the new consciousness as well as humanity.


When money issues show up (whether you don’t have enough of it, or it’s coming in through strain and stress)…

It is inviting you to EMBODY a different way of Being.


In a service-biz, this is what it usually means:

  • You’re invited to uncover more of your value and brilliance that’s aligned with your soul’s path, and OWN IT (this part is deeply healing, because it’s asking you to tap into your power and worth which our entire world is struggling with).
  • You’re invited to CHANNEL the cosmic aspects of you, into PRACTICAL problem solving skills and solutions that can be packaged into a high-level and high value offer to deliver life-changing value to your clients.
  • You’re invited to CONNECT with more people, through creating relationships which leads to community building and elevated impact.
  • You’re invited to be in the cycle of GIVING AND RECEIVING – being comfortable with investing in yourself, while being congruent with the energy of having your clients invest in themselves through you.

If you’d love more money to flow into your business with consistency and ease, know this:

Money demands MORE OF YOU because…it loves courage and full presence (both are divine masculine energy. Hint: money is a masculine energy).

Money is also a tool for expansion.

In order for more to come in, it is asking you to expand first so you become a large enough container to RECEIVE it.

What you are willing to give to yourself (time, attention, nourishment, conscious financial investment, etc.) determines what you are willing to receive.

This is self-expansion. This is also embodied wealth consciousness.

You cannot expect your clients to pay 8K for your services, if the most you’ve ever invested in yourself was $800.

When you understand the cycle of giving and receiving, you understand the role money plays in the new paradigm.

Using money as medicine, ask yourself,

  • Where in my business am I not owning and delivering my highest value, and playing small?
  • Where am I not giving to myself first, in the cycle of giving and receiving?
  • Where am I not fully connected with others and the world?

This is where your highest growth is. This is where the “money blockages” are.


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What I’ll be teaching will address some of the key “blocks” found in service-based businesses that are preventing money from coming in. 

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