Using Money As Medicine Part III – How Letting Go of “I Can’t Afford That” Liberated Me from Financial Struggle

Once upon a time, I followed this coach for an entire year before finally having the courage to reach out to her for mentorship.

I watched every live of hers, and read up on everything she had to say. But…I had a feeling I couldn’t afford her.

The mind came up with a plan: hustle hard in your biz, make enough money, and then coach with her.

Little did I know at the time, that plan was fundamentally flawed, because I did not understand what money truly is.

That plan was generated from a place of my old conditioning: scarcity and lack. It was a fear-based action which only guarantees one result:

To keep me stuck.

A year passed…

I was more broke than I was a year ago. With no money, no idea how to “fix” my business, and…no opportunities.

I bit the bullet, and put (what was doubled a year later) 5-figures on my credit card. It was my first high-ticket coaching investment.

To say I was scared shitless was an understatement. I felt I was going to pass out. I never spent that much on anything in my life.

Then, miracles began happening, one after the other.

My yearly income became a monthly one, in 30 days.

As I began healing my relationship with money and with the masculine, I realized just how much I was in my own way of expansion.

These days, I often hear women say,

“I want my easy $20K months.”

When asked what they are willing to invest, the answer is usually,

“Well, maybe like $200. I don’t know. I’ll ask the universe to show me the way when the divine timing comes.”

Which usually means: “I’m not comfortable with investing in myself and my business.”

Which is really: “I don’t trust myself enough to create what I say I want to create.”

What is money?

Money is a tool for expansion.

It is designed to help you expand – to become more of yourself, which is your non-negotiable God nature.

I am not asking you to drop $50K, $20K, or even $10K to invest in YOURSELF through a mentor, if you do not feel you’ve been strongly led to her/him, and you wholeheartedly BELIEVE you can get there on your own.

What you invest in MUST BE in alignment with where you are being led to go by your desire. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money and time. 

However, if you feel a powerful nudge to receive support from that very human being because you’ve hit your rock bottom, and you have zero idea how to get to where you want to go…

And you’re choosing to take action from the belief “I can’t afford it”…

This is when understanding the truth of money can help shine a light on your situation.

This is the question I didn’t ask myself, that I *should* have,

“What CAN I afford?”

More struggle? More tears? More heartache? More wasting my days trying those 30 things that didn’t work? More time and energy wasted on not knowing how to get out there and help people? More moments crying in my living room screaming “I’m gonna quit now?”

Yes, we human beings are resilient. We can take a lot of shit, and still survive it. We can stay in rock bottom for years and decades because we allow fear to stop us from moving forward.

We convince ourselves our comfort zones are safe, when our lives and creativity are being sucked dry by those comfort zones.

How can money help you expand?

I learned the very hard way to not allow a price tag to dictate my investment, no matter how broke I was. I’m still not perfect with that.

I know, it feels counter-intuitive and scary. We’ve been taught to only buy what we can afford, and to bite what we can chew.

But the problem with only buying what we can afford is this…we are still operating from the energy of contraction and fear, rather than expansion and excitement.

What our brain interprets as “This is what I can afford” is actually wired in the old programming of “This is as much as I can hold in my energy field right now.”

Essentially, “What I can afford” is that smaller container we’re desperately looking to break out of.

So when we choose to buy that $97 online course of manifestation (which our heart knows ain’t gonna take us to the $20K months), instead of investing in the mentor we REALLY want to work with…

We are asking the universe to grant us a new reality, while we are busy re-creating the old one.

Do you see the paradox here?

Our reality is created from our choices, as well as how much our bodies are willing to hold and receive a certain outcome.

Choosing from the older paradigm (“let me get the $97 course”), while wishing for a new outcome (“I want my $20K months”), will result in an outcome that aligns with the older paradigm – financial struggle.

Wealth does not occur when we take actions from “I’m broke” energy. It is against every Universal Law of Creation.

What really happened when I invested that big number was…

  • I surrendered.
  • I moved into Spirit, rather than being controlled by my mind (because my mind simply had NO IDEA how I’d make that money back while I was broke, which in itself, IS surrender. When the mind loosens its hold on us, inspiration arises).
  • I allowed faith to lead, because I sure damn did not know what action I could take next.
  • I listened. And followed.
  • I allowed my body to feel comfortable with giving and receiving larger amounts of money, and breathed through the tension, whenever it came up.
  • And, I committed to taking a ton of aligned actions– actions I was unwilling to take before.

It is NEVER about money. Money simply amplifies.

Money mirrors back to us how much we are willing to get out of our own way of expansion.

That level of investment that made me lose sleep at night, at the core, represented the type of expansion I was willing to step into.

And, expansion can be so uncomfortable that it triggers every ounce of old programming.

The money I invested served as a bridge between my old paradigm, and the new. It showed me what was possible.

It stretched my thinking, my self-belief, my commitment to be more, and my ability to receive.

Money is a form of LIFE FORCE ENERGY – the energy that helps us sustain life.

  • What we are willing to invest…results in what we are willing to receive.
  • What we are willing to receive…dictates what we are willing to invest.

For most people, both processes are highly unconscious because their relationship with money is inauthentic – it comes from a place of old baggage and conditioning, from how their parents and society feel about money.

Don’t make money the evil guy. It is just a tool that helps you expand.

This is about you, and what desires to be birthed by you.

Marie Forleo, the very awesome 8-figure life and business coach, worked on her business for 7 years while waiting tables and cleaning toilets before she was able to support herself with her business income.

There’s always a way. 

We don’t need to drink ayahuasca to know that we live in a reality where it begins and ends with us.

Wealth is about way more than money. It is the cycle of giving and receiving.

The cycle is in your willingness to expand beyond what your current capacity of holding and allowing is.

Your next level investment, when done in alignment, simply serves as a bridge to your next level income.


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