Using Money As Medicine – Part I

Money is MEDICINE.

I’ve embraced some of the most powerful medicines over the years:

  • Energy healing
  • Therapy
  • Non-dualistic spiritual teachings
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Quantum transformation
  • Plant medicine
  • EFT
  • Affirmations and visualizations
  • Hypnosis

While each has a special place in my heart (though I’m completely done with the “spiritual development” fluff),

Money is a medicine that is rarely discussed in this world, and that is because,

  • 99% of the world population has no clue what money actually is, and is projecting their own ideas and beliefs onto it, making it into something it’s not.
  • 99% of the world is actually swimming in what I call “unconscious money trauma” – shame, guilt, anger, fear, disassociation, avoidance, projection, etc.

Yes, you can hire coaches to help you upgrade your money mindset and do all that surface stuff,

But to truly understand money, you must be willing to dive deeper.

You must allow yourself to be LED by the divine masculine energy and consciousness of money – one of the most accurate and powerful amplifiers in this universe.

Money amplifies your BEINGNESS – who you are as a person, the 2% that’s conscious, and the 98% that’s unconscious.

Money is a physical manifestation of expansion, that is to say, it is Spirit’s way of expression and expansion in this world.

If you desire to express and expand which is your natural impulse as a human being, you must be willing to love, and be loved by money.

The soul contract between money and humanity that is currently being played out is this:

  • Money allows the collective to project every ounce of their resistance and victim consciousness onto it, so that it gets our attention, whether we like it or not.
  • In staring at this enormous projection screen, some wake up and reclaim their power, some remain unconscious and continue the blame game.

If you’re born with a destiny as a change agent, thought leader, or pioneer of consciousness, and you began your “ascension” journey as a physical being awakening to the spiritual,

In order to take your mission and contribution to humanity to the next level, meaning, you are not willing to be stuck in the headspace of spiritual lala land and singing Kumbaya by the fire all day long,

You will be invited to circle back to the physical – through body, money, and/or sexual embodiment.

At a certain point of your soul evolution, as you activate and embody the consciousness of wealth, and create it…

You will see your expression, your vision, and your higher self ACTUALIZED in this world and in this lifetime.

You will have fulfilled your mission as a conduit for Spirit – God in flesh.


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