Dear Awakened Leader,

A VIP Intensive with me is a highly customized and powerful collaboration – carefully curated and artfully delivered so you can embody your highest level – in creativity, performance, and results.

It is a deep-dive where I will show up 100% for you to hold and magnify your brilliance. I only work with those who are driven, willing to put in the work, and refuse to live a life of mediocrity.

I want to ensure our time spent together for this free 20-minute conversation (valued at $247) is focused on clarity and results.

Here are the steps:

This application serves as a first introduction to you. Please take a few moments to mindfully answer the following questions as honestly as you can. One-word answers are not accepted for the call.

If I sense we will be a great fit, I will reach out within 48 business hours to schedule a free 20-minute conversation via Skype or Zoom video.

All information you share is confidential.

Much Love,

Juliet Tang

Coach and Mentor for conscious and driven entrepreneurs, leaders, creators, achievers, and visionaries

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What does it mean for you to embody and operate from your highest creative level and flow?
What’s the #1 obstacle you feel has held you back?
What would it mean to you to transform that obstacle and step into your highest level? How would your personal and professional life change as a result of that?
How important is it to you to transform this?
What have you tried so far? What worked and didn't work?
The VIP Intensive is $3750. Are you willing to invest in yourself to create the results you desire?
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