A Soul Intensive Session (3 hours) with me catalyzes deep transformation, and is focused on upgrading an area of your life.

I want to ensure our time spent together for this free 20-minute activation call is focused on clarity and results.

Here are the steps:

This application serves as a first introduction to you. Please take a few moments to answer the following questions as honestly as you can, with mindfulness and heart.

If I believe we will be a great fit, I will reach out within 48 business hours to schedule a free 20-minute conversation via Skype or Zoom video.

All information you share is confidential.

Much Love,

Juliet Tang

Your Name:
Your City and Country:
Skype ID:
Links to your website, and personal social media (FB, Instagram), if applicable.
How did you hear about Juliet? What about her messages/style are you drawn to?
What is your current business, and what is your mastery?
What is your current #1 offer in your service-based business? And what transformation do you desire to implement?
What’s the #1 obstacle you feel has held you back?
What would it mean to you to transform this obstacle? How would your lifestyle and business change as a result of that?
How important is it to you to transform this?
What have you tried so far? What worked and didn't work?
The intensive is $2250. Are you willing and ready to invest in yourself and business?
Do you need to consult anyone (partner, family, etc.) before making a decision in investing in yourself?
When will you be you ready to have this intensive?