For the awakened and driven soul entrepreneur (coach, healer, practitioner, yoga/meditation/spiritual teacher etc.) who desires a fun, and no-strings attached way to craft their high-level signature program that supports their epic lifestyle.

I'm so excited you are called to create your highest signature offer that reflects your purpose, essence, and unique gifts so you can freely serve and impact your clients, and create an abundant and aligned lifestyle that takes care of you on all levels.

In this Intensive, we will:

  • Activate your soul's purpose and superpowers that are meant to be unleashed in your life and business to allow you to serve at your peak, and be beautifully compensated at a level that feels congruent to your heart's desires and the lifestyle you want
  • Tap into your divine potential, embody your gifts and brilliance, and practically implement them into your signature offer that will easily market, sell and deliver value to your soulmate clients
  • Upgrade your hourly rate packages to a high-end program that feels good to you that your clients will love and invest in
  • Align your energy, transform your mindset, and release self-sabotaging stories around self-image, money, and unleashing your magic and messages in a bigger way

We'll Be a Match Made in Heaven If...

  • You are a an awakened soul entrepreneur or light worker who is ready to do the work to upgrade your offer and business
  • You are willing to invest in your growth and business
  • You are 100% ready and committed to applying yourself fully to achieving the results you desire

We Won't Be a Good Fit If...

  • You are not willing to step outside of your comfort zone, let go of what's not serving you, or take full responsibility for your thoughts and actions to create results for yourself.
  • Investing into your growth and business isn't aligned with your values.
  • You do not yet have skillsets (coaching, healing, transformation, teaching, etc.) that deliver impeccable value to your clients

A percentage of your coaching investment will be going to one of the following:

1. AMAZON WATCH: A non-profit organization to protect the rainforest, defend indigenous rights, and address climate change.

2. MAPS: The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics.

3. ALTURAS WILDLIFE SANCTUARY: A wildlife sanctuary located in Dominical, Costa Rica that nurtures animals back to health and reintroduces them to nature.

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