You have a burning desire for something bigger and more meaningful, you know something needs to change, but you aren't sure how to get there. 

Perhaps you're wondering why change is so hard after all the online programs, the self-help books, or the plant medicine ceremonies.

Whatever it is you are looking for, you know it's time to step into a higher vision of who you are so that you can experience the fulfillment, alignment and connection you desire in your personal and professional life.

Can you have the clarity, confidence, and strategies to move forward? Absolutely! 


  • Integrating the wisdom from your last psychedelic experience into your life
  • Identifying and releasing unconscious and self-sabotaging patterns that block you from being your most joyous, fulfilled, liberated and expressed self
  • Accelerating your growth by gracefully transitioning out of a "stuck" circumstance (relationship, job, or old broken beliefs/habits) 
  • Creating the clarity and direction you need for your next-level truth so that you can take confident actions to bridge where you are now to where you want to be

It's you and me, getting a lot of work done within a short period of time.

Why Work With Juliet?

  • A combination of over a decade of experience in psychology, social work, and teaching prior to coaching and mentoring. 
  • Transformational coaching + quantum coaching + recovery and wellness coaching
  • 5 years in working with, and teaching energy medicine. Reiki master teacher, and chakra healer
  • Hypnotist + past life regression, manifestation teacher, and psychedelic integration coach
  • CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of two businesses.

What Typically Happens During the Intensive?

  • Laughter, maybe tears, light bulb moments, and intense transformation in one focused area of your life
  • A ton of releasing, letting go, and stepping into the next highest vision of you
  • A plan of action to get from point A to point B with customized strategies, practices, and action steps that are tailored around your energy, vision and growth

One Week VIP Coaching Intensive


  • Welcome Orientation: Pre-Session Clarity Intake assessed By Juliet prior to Intensive ($450 in Value)
  • A 3-Hour VIP Intensive with Juliet: Done virtually ($1650 ++ in Value)
  • Audio recording and notes of the session ($500 in Value)
  • 1 week of unlimited email/Voxer access post session ($1000 ++ in Value)

We'll Be a Match Made in Heaven If...

  • You are a spiritually awakened individual who is ready to face and release what's holding you back. 
  • You are willing to invest in your growth, and understand the value of deep transformation of co-creation with an experienced mentor who can help you breakthrough to the next chapter of your life.
  • You are 100% ready and committed to applying yourself fully to achieving what you set out to achieve.

We Won't Be a Good Fit If...

  • You are not willing to step outside of your comfort zone, let go of what's not serving you, or take full responsibility for your thoughts and actions to create results for yourself.
  • You do not see yourself as your most important investment. Or, your current priority is to make ends meet. 
  • You have deep emotional trauma and are in need of therapy. Or, you are not willing to face and process your emotions. 

See What Others Have to Say...

You are truly gifted and in tune with what was present for me, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. From just one session, I received the clarity and focus that I was desiring. It has helped me to hone in on my truth and what is important to me. I also received a confirmation and greater understanding that EVERYTHING that comes into my awareness is me, of me and for me. It is all a gift. I am open to the Universe and the signs that show up for me. I feel a greater sense of feeling in my heart and ability to stay with all that is in the present moment.

Nadia Elmagrabi / Holistic Psychotherapist, MA, LLP, MI

I was looking for answers for questions like “Who am I in this life? What is life? What do I want out of it? What does it mean? Where am I going?” Working with Juliet began an incredible transformational experience and allowed me to dive deep into everything I thought I knew, understand them, and really integrate them into myself. I worked through a huge block with my father. I’m working on shifting out of my career and really changing my life. Juliet is like a light on the pathway and helped me remember my truth. There has been such a change in me, I don’t even know how to put words around it. I was able to release a lot of fear to do what I’m called to do in this life, and my inner world is so much richer. Juliet has been a guide and teacher in this lifetime and I will continue to work with her. 

Ali Hawes / Reiki Master, NJ

I could feel the effects as soon as we finished working together. Juliet helped me bring more clarity and abundance into my life and my business. 

Anika Ray / Akashic Records Teacher, NV

A percentage of your coaching investment will be going to one of the following:

1. AMAZON WATCH: A non-profit organization to protect the rainforest, defend indigenous rights, and address climate change.

2. MAPS: The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics.

3. ALTURAS WILDLIFE SANCTUARY: A wildlife sanctuary located in Dominical, Costa Rica that nurtures animals back to health and reintroduces them to nature.