What Adam and Eve Want to Warn Men and Women Today About Relationships

The Book of Genesis offers some solid advice and warnings to modern-day men and women when it comes to relationships, and how our inner masculine and feminine counterparts are designed to interact with each other.

While we tend to refer to masculine and feminine as men and women, know that these are two individual and collective expressions that go beyond gender and sexual orientation, and exist inside each of us.

Adam and Eve were the king and queen of their kingdom – the Garden of Eden. They had dominion over their land and were free to do whatever they pleased, except to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The cunning serpent, or the devil, tempted not Adam, but Eve first in order to infiltrate the masculine authority within both Adam and God. Perhaps he knew every woman knows what her husband’s Achilles’ heel is, so he left it to Eve to push her husband’s buttons and convince him to transgress.

Of course, we know the rest of the story.

While the Bible does not go into detail what type of conversation or argument took place between Adam and Eve throughout this incident, one can imagine the enmity between the couple for getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden, and some possible blame game. Now Adam was told he needed to work for a living by the sweat of his brow, instead of living in paradise like a king. For Eve, she’d suffer pains in childbearing and labor. 

Both failed each other while failing their Creator. Adam failed to protect his wife from the temptation of another powerful male influence (the devil, or Lucifer, was once the glorified angel in God’s kingdom), while Eve failed to heed to the masculine authority she was given as the queen of this land.

Let’s start with Eve. A woman naturally places her trust in the man she’s with, and sees him as her defender and head of the household. Adam was nowhere to be seen when the serpent was selling his snake oil to her. Yes she became corrupt and in turn corrupted her husband with the will of a lesser man. But in her defense, she most likely felt hurt and betrayed from her husband’s absence as in “you weren’t there for me.”

Today, many women operate from a place of betrayal rather than trust when it comes to relating to men and masculinity. They not only fear allowing men into their hearts, but also resist fully receiving the masculine principles in their lives. How much a woman allows herself to be penetrated by the masculine in body, heart and soul, directly impacts her love life, sexual sovereignty, money, and faith in God.

When a woman is caught in this inner power struggle, she either dismisses and avoids her masculine counterpart altogether, or tries to compete to be the man to compensate for her lack of inner security.

This can lead to control issues, burnouts, relationship conflicts, lack of boundaries, obsession over “needing to have it all figured out,” and resentment or repression of her femininity and sexuality. 

Let’s move onto Adam.

In an ideal world, a healthy man embodies healthy masculinity. While he respects his woman, he is not here to dance around her every command or make important decisions based on her emotions.

The highest purpose for a man is to do God’s bidding. His life direction cannot be reduced to comfort, video games and sports, sexual pursuits, escaping reality through new age spirituality, or people pleasing. In doing so, he is compromising his own integrity and presence. (Click HERE for a free gift for male leaders – a love letter from your inner feminine to remind you to step into your kingship).

Adam, rather than standing in his alpha masculinity and responsibility, slipped into beta male and brought ruin to himself, his wife, and his children. In allowing Eve’s emotions to influence him into committing something he knew was against God’s law, Adam opened doors of his fortress to allow the enemy to infiltrate, and lost both his internal and external kingdom.

There is no denying that men and women are created to be different; any attempt to blur the boundaries is a political agenda designed to manipulate and distort the masculine and feminine expressions in our world. Acknowledging our differences does not make us any less equal. Men and women are given specific roles in this creation to complement, rather than to compete with each other.

Men are the architects and warriors – they protect and keep the structure, order, and God’s law; while women, through their intuitive, collaborative and compassionate nature, bring people together and support the structure of families and communities.

Within oneself, our masculine and feminine counterparts serve similar functions. What binds the masculine and feminine polarities in this lovers’ dance is her devotion and surrender to him, and his leadership and protection for her. 

As a result of Adam and Eve’s transgression, what was created in God’s kingdom is now turned upside down; both the man and woman perverted the natural order that was given to them. The result was disorder and exile, as well as a generational curse between men and women that is rooted in mistrust, competition and bitterness towards each other.

Each of us is born carrying this generational curse, and it is broken when we give ourselves to Christ as his bride. 

In being cast out of the Garden of Eden, the man and woman also became separated from the Father – hence some of us spend our entire lives looking for God and worshipping false idols.

We have been orphaned since the very beginning. Most of us do not even have the cellular memory of what it’s like to have a personal relationship with God, or to have His eternal presence and protection over us. 

I know this so well, because I spent the first few decades of my life without the Father. When I finally came home to Him, I felt like a homeless child being welcomed into a loving family for the first time. These days, no external chaos or distraction can take away the UNCHANGING AND VAST stillness and love within, resting in Him.

The reason why new age spirituality has successfully made everyone a self-glorified God or Goddess, rather than God’s children, is because we do NOT know our Heavenly Father (or the son – the purest of all masculine). We have been separated from Him since the exile of our earthly parents Adam and Eve. For more information on the deception of new age spirituality and what it’s like to come home, read my blog post and testimony “Escaping the Spiritual Development Trap and Finding Jesus” HERE.

Movements that encourage women to be like men, label healthy masculinity toxic, and promote men in a dress, all emasculate our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, as well as the masculine counterpart in every woman.

The original motive of those movements such as feminism is NOT feminine empowerment or gender equality. They are just lies sold under fancy branding to weaken the natural tie between men and women, and to humiliate and castrate healthy men on this planet, preparing us to accept a role in the genderless and disembodied Luciferian Transhumanism movement. The movement isn’t upcoming, it is already here. 

Without embodying our chosen masculine or feminine polarity, we become empty organic vehicles for demonic possession. This is the end goal to everything that is happening in our world today – the devil wants to trap and take with him as many souls as possible in the end days, in this spiritual battle with God.  

Strong men are the backbone of a strong and harmonious society. It doesn’t mean women don’t participate in leadership or protector roles; however, at large, men are still the defenders of culture, women and children. A society without strong men becomes morally and spiritually corrupt and lawless – this is the fallen Babylon we are in right now.  

It doesn’t stop here. Since there is a masculine counterpart in every woman, the weaker he gets, the unhappier and more burned out she becomes, the more she tries to control things and men outside of herself, and the more her own feminine is out of whack with herself in trying to take on a masculine role that is not designed for her. Worshipping the glory of the masculine does not leave women out or make her second best (this is one of the most common questions I get from women). On the CONTRARY, it offers her the safe haven to deepen into her feminine expression.

The essence of a woman’s femininity – beauty, radiance, sensuality, surrender and worship, are buried underneath the layers of trauma and wounds she holds towards men and masculine. True feminine awakening occurs when she surrenders to his leadership, rather than competes with the masculine counterpart in her.

A man who submits to the feminine’s unhealthy cry for power, whether it is his own inner feminine counterpart or the women in her life, is a man who cannot stand in his authority and integrity in any relationship. He is a people-pleaser, or what’s commonly referred to as beta male or soy boy.

When men and women operate from this type of inner fragmentation, neither is happy or fulfilled, and their relationship will feel like a dried up war zone. That is because their inner masculine and feminine are arm wrestling each other, so the man and woman are caught in a power struggle rather than being in the natural flow of their eternal lovers’ dance.

This inevitably impacts their family unit and how their children are raised as well. The boys will not have a healthy masculine role model to look up to, and the girls will most likely take on feminine wounding and lack of safety from the mother, while growing up resenting a weak representation of the masculine. When the boys and girls grow up, they will most likely relate to their partners from their pain bodies, and perpetuate the generational curse of betrayal and pain.

Did the serpent know exactly what he was doing when he chose to attack Adam’s masculinity through Eve? Absolutely. Adam’s negligence to protect his wife and his own weakness in not resisting the temptation which brought downfall to all was a brilliant move on the devil’s part to collapse the healthy masculine authority and structure on our planet.

Many pages later, we will see exactly what God’s original design of the highest form of masculine is, in the first coming of Jesus Christ.

We live in a world where toxic movements succeed in grooming women to operate from a men-bashing place, because women are still carrying Eve’s feminine wound of being let down by Adam. Likewise, we praise men for not choosing to walk with an erect spine and spirit, and encourage them to trade their warrior spirit for others’ approval and social pressure of “being more considerate of not hurting others’ feelings.” This is the masculine wounding of Adam.

If we want to break this generational curse, it starts with us healing the relationship between our inner masculine and feminine, and with our Father. This looks like allowing our inner bride to find safety and glory in the perfect masculine there has ever existed – Christ. This applies to both men and women, since men house the feminine counterpart as well. 

None of the new age practices or feminine empowerment teachings even come close, because it treats the feminine as an independent entity as opposed to an essence that is always searching to bind herself to the masculine like a vine to a tree. The stronger the tree, the more room there is for the vine to grow. False power in the feminine is detrimental to both sexes.

Had Eve submitted to the masculine authority within her by saying no to the serpent or respected Adam’s need to abide by the law as the king of his land, and Adam stood in his strength and responsibility for himself, his wife and his kingdom by being there for Eve or rejecting Eve’s plea to eat the forbidden fruit, men and women would most likely relate to each other very differently today.

In any relationship, the masculine heart desires to be respected and trusted, and the feminine heart yearns to be held in safety. It is through love, devotion and worship that we break these spells, and return to our original design. 

Genesis 2: 23 – 24 (NIV)

The man said,

“This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” This is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

ONE flesh. 


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