The Dark Side of Healing

At a certain point in our spiritual journeys, we all come to the realization that there is something within us inviting to be healed.

It usually starts with traditional therapy. Some go on to explore more integrative and holistic healing modalities after that, or even plant medicine.

The dark side about healing is, if not conscious, the need to heal can become an addiction that prevents you from living, leading, and creating from your greatest.

In short, you put off creating your desires in life in the present moment because you feel you have some unfinished business within.

It looks something like this, “I can’t Be, Do, or Have… (your desires) because I need to… (your conditions)”

Watch the following video I did as an FB live on why the continuous need to heal your past, drink one more cup of ayahuasca, go to one more retreat, or learn one more thing can actually prevent you from saying yes to your sacred destiny right at this moment.

Is your need to heal preventing you from living your life to the fullest? Leave a comment on my FB video!


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