Why Not Living In the NOW is Costing You Your Success

Not living in the present moment can cost you a lot more than missing your turn while you are driving and not paying attention. It can cost you your growth, joy, money, and success.

Time is tricky.

On the one hand, the concept of time is not real in the absolute reality. All exists in the eternal moment of Now.

On the other hand, we are multidimensional beings living with certain programming, or “invisible rules” such as time, space, and separation so we can each experience ourselves as a separate being within the whole in a linear fashion so the mind doesn’t freak out.

This means, when we are setting goals and doing manifesting work, we must work in both aspects of time to bring our visions into our realities.

  • How does time play into our day-to-day creations in life?
  • What does it mean to live in the present moment?
  • And what is it costing you to NOT be present (trust me, the cost is high, way too high)?

Watch my video which was a Facebook Live I did on the above topics.