The Invisible Cash Leak in Your Coaching Business

Brilliant coaches, consultants, practitioners and transformation leaders…

If you are not communicating the clear results of your work, YOU ARE LEAVING TONS OF CASH ON THE TABLE.

Yes, most of us have mastery in more than one realm.

Yes, most of us are consistently doing our inner work and finding/releasing more inner resistance. 

We tend to get stuck in self-sabotage when money isn’t coming in, in the form of:

  • “I gotta heal my money blocks.”
  • “I’m not good enough.”
  • “This isn’t the right timing.”

(I hear this quite literally everyday).

I’m not saying those aren’t real. But…

98% of the times when there is no cash flow, it’s because their offer is unclear in:

  • Who they’re here to work with.
  • What the most urgent pain they can help their clients resolve.
  • What the clear results are.

As a result, their messaging is all over the place, confusing their potential clients.

Because they have such a vague idea who their most lucrative and ideal clients are, they’re trying to market to anyone who comments on their posts (“yeh girl you rock!”).

And…no clients. No money. No business.

Month after month.

They then lose confidence and start slashing their prices even more.

Ask any of my clients, and they’ll tell you that we go through some very precise and detailed processes to help them create high level offers that are exactly what their soulmate clients are looking for.

And…this is the difference between a:

$500 offer, and $5000 offer.

Yes, we all want:

– More fulfillment.
– More clarity.
– More alignment.

These are all amazing, yet very vague terms.

We are human. And human needs are actually very simple. Our brains work in specific ways when it comes to processing information.

We like to see specific results.

Clients don’t buy coaching. They buy solutions.

How is your offer taking your clients from point A (pain) to point B (pleasure)?



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