• You are ready to give up the hustle, apologizing for wanting more, the shrinking and the doubting, and own your genius to scale your business to 6-figures from 5-figures, with more time, freedom, and pleasure
  • You want to trade lower priced offers with high value offers ($3K - $20K +), while delivering your expertise to clients to create life-changing results
  • You've been investing into coaches and courses for deep inner work and shifts, but you haven't integrated the practical steps, strategies and insights to get the clients and income results you've wanted
  • You are no longer willing to compromise on what you really want - the money, the freedom and the impact, which means you're ready and willing to fully show up for yourself to accelerate
  • You know you aren't here to just make a ton of money. Your expertise and unique brilliance is here to serve humanity


You are meant for more. 

If you feel a deep calling you are here to make a difference with your genius, then you ARE the vessel for that.

And...your wealth (both internal and external) is the result of you claiming your evolutionary urge to be MORE. 


Selling lower priced offers, trying to take care of everyone, having poor boundaries, and shrinking in your messaging and brilliance just isn't cutting it anymore.

What you’re seeking now is to command exactly what desires to be birthed through you, with grace and ease. want results like these:

"The deal was closed. The money came in. The highest offer I've closed ($6K)! This is the action she generated and the heights she pulled me through - only ONE introductory call, BEFORE we even began working together!"

"This month has been my BEST ever, $18K in business. I'm closing like Mariano Rivera. This is unbelievable! I've closed more in sales in my program this week than I did in the previous 6 months. My 2020 vision is coming, fast!" 

"I enrolled my second person in my year long program and got 4 new referrals for it. I am on new ground. And it is moving things quicker than I thought possible."

"I've just raised my prices. And I haven't even opened the first module."


  • Embodying your sovereignty and freedom of choice, and being fully self-expressed and actualized in your higher destiny in Being, business, income, and impact
  • Positioning yourself as an expert in your niche, and commanding premium fees at 3K - $20K + that feel good to you without compromising your integrity
  • Channeling your highest genius into your "million dollar brand," high value offers and a signature system that attract dream clients who want to invest in themselves through your expertise
  • Authentically and strategically crafting engaging content from your unique brilliance so your audience devour your marketing and are sold before they get on a sales call with you
  • Dialing in your highest level clients, the problem your expertise can help them solve, as well as the roadmap (your offer) to take them from where they are, to where they want to be
  • Enjoying a first class lifestyle outside of your business, traveling the world, having free time for hobbies and loved ones, and/or donate to causes that are important to you
  • Becoming a role model who is here to initiate conscious social change and inspire others to live bigger


The path to what you want is already here. 

You can't see it yet because what got you here, is NOT what will get you to your next level.

Truth is, you don't need another sign from the universe. You only need to say yes to being LED by your DESIRE.


I was that broke entrepreneur barely making $14K/year - someone who bought tons of courses and tried everything: energy healing, mindset work, affirmations, tapping, sales funnels, etc.

Years later, and tons of money invested on mentorship...

I realized business success is both an inner and outer game. The key lies in EMBODYING a version of who we are that is the highest level available to us right now.  

The moment all the pieces fell into place for me, I went from 0 to $30K months.

AND...I didn't do it alone. You don't have to either.

I am here to help you collapse timelines, and cut through the years of trying to figure it out on your own while swimming in self-doubt and burnouts. 


  • You are a mission driven and high-achieving coach, consultant or expert who sells service to clients, has a real expertise that helps improve an area of people's lives, and you have gotten clients results. 
  • You can FULLY DEDICATE your time and efforts, and invest in yourself to go to your next level. 
  • You are willing to put in the time and effort, and take 100% responsibility for your thoughts and results. You are an ACTION TAKER and are willing to implement the strategies to uplevel.
  • You see yourself and your business as the best investment, and appreciate the value of mentoring with someone who invests extensively into her personal growth and professional training ($40K - $50K per year) with mentors. 
  • You are eager to raise your standards for yourself, and step into your highest potential and worth.
  • You feel in your heart you are a leader with a bigger destiny, and you care about using your genius to empower the earth or humanity so we can live in a better world.


  • Do not have a solid skill set that can be packaged into offers that help people, and/or have not gotten clients results.
  • Are looking for a get-rich-quick formula, and do not want to put in the work to create success for themselves.
  • Are prone to complaining, arguing, blaming, and seeing themselves as victims rather than the creators. Or those who do not want to take 100% responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, actions, and results. 
  • Select mentors solely based on "finding the cheapest price" rather than value, believe in figuring everything out on their own, and have money drama.
  • Are not willing to face their unconscious blind spots and fears, and/or not willing to raise their standards on how they operate.
  • Have deep unresolved emotional trauma, and are in need of therapy. Mentorship is not therapy. 


This is a way for us to get a lot of work done in a short period of time.

We meet virtually to work on what you need the most in your business to up-level your income.

The two ways we can work together are:

  • Create your premium brand
  • Map out your $10K/$20K months by dialing in your highest potential ideal clients and create a compelling short term offer ($3K - $15K) to sell to them 

Please fill out the application below. We will either have a short 10-minute video call, or communicate via FB messenger to get you started. 

A 90-Day 1:1 Intensive

Level 1 Business Mentorship 

This intensive is a high level immersion for an ambitious coach or consultant who is ready to call in an extra $10K-$30K per month, build a community of engaging audience who is eager to support her and buy from her, and uplevel her energy, consciousness and mindset to hold and receive more money.

We kick off with a luxe virtual VIP Day.

There are 3 calls per month, done-for-you Level I curriculum, and daily Voxer support for 90 days.

  • VIP Day: Build your premium brand
  • Dial in on your highest paying ideal clients  
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field and build an engaging community
  • Create, launch and sell a short term (30-90 day) high end offer ($3K - $15K) 
  • Map out a 90-day online marketing plan with high value content that your audience can't get enough of
  • Master daily rituals that transform your energy, mindset, and habits

A 6-month 1:1 Elite Immersion

Level II Business Mentorship

This 6-month elite immersion is ideal for the established visionary coach, consultant or expert who desires the highest outcome in every area of her/his life. You know you are here to elevate and illuminate in vision and wealth, master your money psychology, create your signature system, expand your consciousness, and become a magnetic leader.

There is one luxe virtual VIP Day, with 2 calls per month, done-for-you Level II curriculum, and daily Voxer support for 6 months.  

  • VIP Day: Money and wealth psychology mastery
  • Create aligned high end offers for up to $20K ++
  • Done-for-you templates and checklists for VIP days, speaking engagements, soulful sales script, marketing formula, client onboarding processes, etc. 
  • Review + feedback on sales pages, programs, and marketing materials as needed
  • Master inner transformation and alchemy on all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial


"Before Juliet, I was feeling very stuck and frustrated with my work. I had been doing a similar thing for 10 years and although I knew I needed a change, I couldn’t see a way forward.

Juliet empowered me to clarify my vision for what I am here to offer as my medicine to the world right now. I was able to let go of old beliefs and assumptions about how I thought I should work, or was expected to work, and a whole new way opened up for me.

I have completely changed the way I practice my healing work now. I have let go of my attachment to other people’s expectations, and let go of my attachment to doing things 'right,' and have allowed a more spontaneous, authentic and intimate way of healing come forward.

I have also developed ways of creating a positive and enthusiastic state of mind, what Juliet might refer to as a higher frequency. This has had a great effect on my life overall, enabling me to access my intuition and creativity in a more efficient and easeful way. 

I have reshaped the way I work. A whole new program has dropped down for me that I am currently weaving into existence on this plane. I have offered a women’s circle and a day retreat with excellent numbers and easeful completion. Next year I am offering 4 new ways of working with me, teaching things that I have wanted to teach for some years.

I feel much more certain of my vision and my dedication to my soul path has really clarified and expanded. I also feel that there is so much more room for growth, expansion and flow than I knew was possible before. My connection with Spirit is strong and clear, and many new ways and channels are opening up for me.

I would like to share my gratitude for having the opportunity to work with Juliet. Her insights were unique and inspiring. Her enthusiasm, courage and persistence were and still are greatly appreciated. Juliet’s skill is to open up the field and show you the whole matrix. It’s like being lifted up into the air and seeing your life from the Moon."

Melissa Abrahams  Ritual Facilitator, Wise Woman and Retreat Leader, AU


"I was struggling to find clarity and vision. I learned that my future self and all the dreams and desires I possess are right in front of me if I simply step into my soul power and truth, and allow my visions to come to life. 

I now know action is the cure to indecision, and I don't have to be perfect or have it all figured out in order to take the next step. 

I healed a past relationship, and got featured in a magazine article. Juliet's approach is very practical, and she has many tools to help you."

PS: We mapped out Christy's 4-figure signature offer she is currently selling to her clients.

Christy Rodriguez Self-love Coach, MIA

"I doubled my income and closed more multi-million dollar deals (from 2.8 million to 4 million) this year than any other year, because I finally broke through my own upper limit!

Working with Juliet changed my life and business on every level."

​Shane I Real Estate Agent, NY

"I was struggling with taking consistent intentional action, especially acting on who I am. Above all, I found it challenging to be willing to show up.

As a result of working with Juliet, I’ve registered two business names, enrolled with Speakers Institute, refined my seminar, and created a script for my first video promo. I have recommenced writing my book again. In addition, I’ve implemented an empowering daily ritual which is having a wonderful impact on my daily life.

Being mentored by Juliet allowed me to embody a different perspective on who I am, my place in the universe and my Soul purpose. I’ve said yes to evolving into the fullest expression of my essence. If you are interested in working with Juliet, ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE THE CAUSE IN YOUR LIFE.”

Karl Knight Speaker and Healer, AU

"Juliet is my miracle. She is a shaman, healer, guide, energy expert, and beautiful soul."

​R.N. Crowdfunding Real Estate Fund Developer, Founder and CEO, NY

"Juliet brought so much abundance and clarity into my life."

Anika Ray / Akashic Records Teacher, NV

"I found Juliet in a time when I was confused with what steps to take next. A lot was happening in my life and I needed guidance.

Juliet took me to my higher self so I could make the right decisions which I now do all the time. I learned to connect with my heart, to speak to my emotions and deal with challenges. She has helped me so much in making firm decisions and setting goals using my own internal guide.

I am moving forward as a psychotherapist, cacao ceremony facilitator and launching my project to bridge spirituality and education for children.

I am so grateful that I got to work with Juliet." 

Dee M / Real Estate Entrepreneur, UK

"Juliet is a fantastic person. She is well versed on many healing and esoteric subjects. Juliet has her own unique approach and she is very thorough and excellent at what she does. She is also very educated and can manage the "real world" in tandem with the intangible realms in a natural and practical fashion. 

Her sensitivity and intuition is terrific - she has walked the walk that she talks."

Aryn Elaine / C-Suite Adviser, NY

"I was looking for answers for questions like 'Who am I in this life? What is life? What do I want out of it? Where am I going?'

Working with Juliet began an incredible transformational experience and allowed me to dive deep into everything I thought I knew, understand them, and really integrate them into myself.

I worked through huge blocks in my personal and professional life. Juliet is like a light on the pathway and helped me remember my truth. I was able to release a lot of fear to do what I'm called to do in this life, and my inner world is so much richer.

Juliet has been a guide and teacher in this lifetime and I will continue to work with her." 

Ali Hawes / Reiki Master, NJ

Juliet is an angel. I met her at time when I needed her the most.

The first time we spoke over the phone, she read my truth to me that answered one of my biggest questions surrounding my suffering: why have I always felt unworthy of receiving?

We worked through deep patterns by getting to the root. After just a few sessions, I felt a profound shift, as she promised, and I feel inspired and empowered to live my bigger destiny.

I was born to be an intuitive healer/spiritual teacher and I find Juliet to be a wonderful role model as I began to cultivate my own practice.

Dana Mondesire, Speaker, Healer and Advocate, NYC

A percentage of your coaching investment will be going to one of the following:

1. AMAZON WATCH: A non-profit organization to protect the rainforest, defend indigenous rights, and address climate change.

2. MAPS: The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics.

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