You're a successful man or woman who's mastered the "I am a creator" game. 

You are called to heal heart wounds around the masculine and Father, embrace greater love and chemistry in your relationship, restore inner wholeness and faith, and lead as a King or Queen from the heart. 

  • You want to experience more love, balance, vulnerability and intimacy in your relationship, whether with your current partner or calling in the love of your life. The idea of dropping your guard and opening your heart to RECEIVE another person fully, both frightens and excites you.
  • You know it's time to release the lifelong patterns of forcing and hustling, and ease into your next level achievement from devotion, play, adventure, and childlike innocence - all ingredients that will allow you to operate from your zone of genius effortlessly for your legacy.
  • You desire to let go of outdated spiritual or religious practices that have separated you from having a deep and personal relationship with God, transform heart trauma into devotion, come home to Him as a holy son or daughter, and experience what it's like to be supported by the Father every step of the way.
  • You're called to operate from an organic synchronistic and consistent flow state that goes light years beyond biohacking - being at the right place, at the right time, with the right people and opportunities, so that work is fused with fun, excitement, and creativity. 
  • You yearn to liberate yourself from the layers of matrix programming, release lifelong limiting patterns, and transform stubborn mental and emotional obstacles and blind spots that are preventing you from deeper connection and purpose.
  • You are ready to lead with courage and heart, navigate the natural and supernatural, and walk in unstoppable faith, truth, and God's armor, especially in this time of spiritual warfare.
  • You know aside from wealth and influence, your brilliance and leadership are here to serve humanity and make this world a better place. 


My work goes deep into the places in your heart that are yearning to see the light, because a leader like yourself doesn't need more superficial goal setting or mindset work. 

Together, we will create a powerful and safe space for you to explore and transform the multi-layers of your body, mind, and spirit, and integrate your masculine and feminine polarities, which directly impact your relationship, revenue, and leadership.

In 2019, I began a love affair of uniting my inner masculine and feminine counterparts. Since then...

Several of my chronic health conditions were healed, and I sleep soundly every night (I was a chronic insomniac and ambien addict for 14 years).

I have the most intimate soulmate relationship, after decades of heartbreaks and dating the wrong men.

I'm blessed with mental calmness, high energy and creativity for my work and projects, while doing the work God has given me.

I've come home to truly KNOW God after years of dabbling in the personal and spiritual development space, and every step of the way feels clear, grounded, and guided.

Is this calling you?


To deepen into your love, legacy, and leadership, apply for a 3 or 6 month private 1:1 mentorship, where I customize the entire journey around your goals, needs, and energy.

Some of the things we will dive deeper into:

  • How to restore the eternal lover's dance of your masculine and feminine polarities in your body and being, and heal old wounds around the heart, so that you experience deeper love and intimacy in your current relationship, or clear your way in calling in a soul-matched partner
  • How to bring an abundance of daily bliss, playfulness, and genius into your professional life, so that you effortlessly operate from more productivity and creativity
  • How to break through sneaky limitations and mental barriers within the matrix, and cultivate an intimate relationship with God through healing your relationship with the Father - so that you lead with courage, faith, spiritual counsel, clarity, and truth
  • And more.


  • You are an awakened and established leader, CEO or entrepreneur, a man or woman of God. This is not suitable for those who are new to awakening, or those who only seek to generate more profit. Those who benefit the most from Juliet's work are mature leaders who are 40 - 75. 
  • You can devote yourself to a new way of being, doing, creating, loving, and leading, that isn't intellectualizing, strategizing, or forcing. 
  • You are willing to take 100% responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and actions. And you're willing to implement.
  • You see yourself as the best investment, because you realize it'd take you more time, energy, and financial resources to do it alone.
  • You are emotionally and spiritually mature, and have already done tons of inner work.
  • You care about using your genius, wealth and influence to leave the world a better place.


  • Are not emotionally and spiritually mature, or are new on the awakening journey and need a ton of hand-holding. 
  • Are not willing to open their heart to experience or receive love, including Godly love.
  • Tend to operate from a "having it all figured out" place, or are prone to arguing or procrastinating. 
  • Are not ready to overcome religious or spiritual trauma to cultivate a deep and personal relationship with God.
  • Are not willing to face their unconscious blind spots and fears. 
  • Have deep unresolved (unresolved means it has never been addressed in a healing setting) emotional trauma around the other sex. Coaching is not the same as therapy. 



"Juliet is my miracle. She is a shaman, healer, and beautiful soul.

Our work together has helped me reach a higher level of consciousness, reconnect with God, heal my relationship, bring in investors for my projects, etc. 

But most importantly, Juliet has helped me open my heart in a way that no one has done. I am experiencing more love and peace. I am bringing fresh energy and creativity into all my projects.

Working with her has changed my life."

Rodrigo Niño, founder of The Assemblage


"I had already amassed a ton of strategy, marketing, and visibility programs, which were all fulsome, but lacked something I actually needed the most help with: My frequency and my unique medicine and message. I felt I was just borrowing and using formulas that worked for others, out of fear and lack of clarity; which led to me getting substandard results in my business.

Working with Juliet's mentorship has opened up a new dimension for me, in terms of how I show up as a guide and space-holder for coaches and leaders. I learned through the unique alchemical process and feminine body integration work through Juliet, that I cannot separate my natural desires, pleasure and devotion from the 'masculine' part of my business (the sales, the income, the results I help my clients achieve).

I've since implemented a daily practice for myself,  which has literally helped to calm my nervous system and complement the other health and wellness practices that I maintain. Being at-ease bodily definitely has an effect on how confidently I am able to show up in my business, and therefore align myself only with the most-matched clients for me.

I experienced selling out my 12-month membership program, which was booked out from November 2020 til 2021, which is a monthly recurring income in one stream. I was able to double my monthly income in the first three weeks of the program.

I was able to heal my fractured relationship with God; this is huge, coming from religious trauma. And, I was able to settle my nervous system so well, that even the eczema I've had since the beginning of lockdown, cleared up* (along with nutritional changes, support from my functional doctor). Overall, I became more relaxed but yet my income grew.

Mentoring with Juliet will help you to access the bravest and most courageous part of you and bring that into all parts of your life: self, relationships, business and money.

Martine de Luna / Certified Transformational Coach, Creative Consultant [Worth, Value, Offers], Speaker & Trainer


"Juliet's work which I have integrated into my daily practices still has profound effects today. Forgiveness and releasing the pain around my father wounding to be more in union with masculine/feminine, and God.

Her was the missing piece I needed to re-integrate healthy masculine back into my life. It has created a solid foundation for me to birth and create my offerings to the world. She has inspired me to incorporate the masculine and feminine concepts into my own business and what I will teach my clients.

Juliet is unlike any mentor out there. She combines masculine and feminine energy as well as the union of the two with solid business strategy."

Lindsety Tague / Embodied Brand Strategist


"The deal was closed. The money came in. The highest offer I've closed ($6K)! This is the action Juliet generated and the heights she pulled me through - only ONE introductory call, BEFORE we even began working together! A week later, I made my second 5.5K sale! Soooo excited!"

Working with Juliet invites you to step into your highest.

Sapphire Shaman / Primal Shaman and Erotic Alchemist


"I was doubting myself and my abilities. Working with Juliet has allowed me to complete trust in my union with my inner masculine, also deep trust in being provided for by god. Also I had the opportunity to heal ancestral trauma from my paternal line which was huge for me.

I just had a major uplevel in my business, launched a new program that is from my heart and genius. I received 4 new clients since I started.

I am inspired to continue to trust my union with god and only act from that place. To allow myself to receive provision from God and trust that. I've been easily bringing in clients and listening to my intuition of what to do next to continue to grow my business.

Most importantly I’ve stopped acting from a place of lack or just taking action because I "think" that's what I should do. Now I listen to what God is telling me/showing me to do as next steps that’s been the most valuable thing for me.

Juliet is such a strong leader, I felt so held by her in the container and trusted her to guide me through this process. I loved everything she shared and I utilize the practices everyday, theyre so powerful."

Alyse Bacine / Leading Expert in Breathwork and Ascension Activator


“I received about 70 applications and generated $45k in a few weeks, launching me into a new paradigm of conscious wealth, business, impact, service, and leadership.

Juliet is a Powerful Enchantress, Entrepreneurial Queen, and Shamanic-Mystical Catalyst. She has a great love in her heart for humanity, and you will feel truly held and cared for in working with her. She is an absolute leading-edge expert and visionary in the realm of New Paradigm Entrepreneurship. She is someone who walks her talk. 


If you are ready to SHOW UP and take massive aligned action to create the reality you wish to live in, Juliet is a rare treasure to work with. I know of almost no one who is at her level in terms of transforming business with consciousness to innovate a more beautiful future.

Thank you for everything, Juliet. I love you and wish endless blessings to you and yours.”

Jordan Bates / Nondualistic Business Coach


"Working with Juliet has returned my message back to God. This work has helped me truly get clear on my penetrating message that has helped me get clear on my mission. And has helped magnetize clients, of a totally different caliber. Men and women that are stepping back into wholeness. To come back to the devotion of God.

I’ve actually worked with other coaches and other modalities. The tools offered in Juliet’s container are absolutely powerful. What I found to be unique about this implementation strategy, is that it was so easy, I almost didn’t believe it could happen. I am now in a new sacred relationship with my inner king, and allow that relationship to cultivate through God.

So my results within this program, have been so potent I’ve actually started a miracle tracker 2020.

My largest financial day to date, $1333 for one day of sales, from one client. Old debts are being lowered, they actually broke three separate rules, for us to pay this debt off. Yes 3!!

When I was on the phone with the debtor, we ended up getting over $200 off an old debt and were able to pay it off in full! This one still blows my mind! I took on a $5000 debt seven weeks before signing up with Juliet, with a year payment plan. Because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to pay this off.

Well I ended up grabbing $1000 scholarship for this debt, and because I had the money to pay this off early, I got an additional $1500 off my $5000 purchase! AND Instead of taking a year to pay it, I paid off my debt in seven weeks! 7 weeks!!!

And I hit our first savings account goal in two months! Never in my life have I saved this much money before.

We got a new living room set! (This is huge for me, I’ve never bought new furniture before!) in cash! We also bought a new fridge!! In cash!! And still saved into our savings!

We literally received free money in the form of gift cards at one of our favorite places. I got eight times the amount of what we were supposed to receive on gift cards. Eight times!!!

One of my largest miracles was hearing a message from my dad, who’s been dead for over 21 years on Thanksgiving. This brought me to my knees as I very rarely get signs like this. Never in my life have I seen my dad, team up with God to create a message as powerful as this.

And last week, I received two envelopes. One of them was a check, literally for us to be deposited into our bank account. The other was from the credit company, saying that they had removed two delinquent accounts from our credit.

I am cultivating deeper penetration into my clients’ hearts. It’s already impacted my income, and I am creating more money easily. I am getting extremely clear on my message. And I am truly listening to when God is calling me to talk about the message, to sell the sacredness of what I am doing.

This work has opened up more ways for me to make more money, and I am designing an entirely new program! It has also created a sense of ease everywhere I go.

If you’re thinking about working with Juliet, BE COMMITTED. This work will shake up and purify your entire life, and everything that the masculine touches. It wipes the slate clean. It will leave you nowhere to hide. This truly allows you to live supported from the inside out. And allow the outer/inner kingdom of God to be developed."

Monique Deanne-Cronin Mosher/ Faith Based Evidential Psychic Medium/Psychic Life Coach


"I didn't really have a good grasp of positively using my inner masculine energy and this was something I felt was missing in my spiritual and personal development after years of doing divine feminine work.

I learned the true nature of the masculine and how it can support my essence as a strong, sovereign and independent woman.

The daily practice has connected me deeply to my intuitive inner masculine knowing which is transforming how I approach my decision making and goal setting.

I have been able to heal and move past certain painful personal issues that had been keeping me stuck for years. There was a full resolution, healing, and a sense of direction that had been missing from my life for years in spite of many years of working to heal them. I have been able to release grief, shame, resentment and regret and settle into a sense of contented trust and support.

I'm feeling confident about launching the next stage of my business without feeling so much anxiety and uncertainty in the day-to-day operations and longer planning. On a personal level, I've made my peace with men and realized how much the prevailing narrative about gender relations is unhelpful in accessing our inner divine energies.

Be ready to get real and go deep and if you do you will get life changing results: Juliet creates a safe and powerful container for you."

Joanna Krop / Creator of Teacher Wellness Code


“I was basing my self-worth off of how successful I was in my business. During my work together with Juliet, I came home to God. Now I keep my eyes vertically on Him and walk horizontally in the world. My faith and trust in my path has greatly expanded.

My spiritual practices have shifted to be about connecting and listening to God first.

I just put out my first post announcing my new program and I had 6 women reach out to me already. While working with Juliet I increased my income and clients x3.

I have a complete shift in my inner being. I am more at peace, more held and more guided than ever before. I am beyond grateful for the role Juliet played in having the veils of illusion lifted from my eyes and reuniting me with my King. I’m still integrating how to speak on these things as I am very different from a lot of my community right now.

Juliet is a secret agent working for God. Your experience with her will be life-changing if you are willing to seek the The Truth."

Morgan Goldman / Divine Union Defender Coach


"I was drawn to Juliet’s program because I was at a place on my journey where my Divine Feminine energy was reawakening, and I was receiving information about Hieros Gamos through meditation.

It became clear to me that I still had some major healing w my inner masculine energy that needed to happen, including my relationship with God, and I wasn’t sure how to go about it!

Juliet’s program helped me to make sense of the information I had received in my own and brought more depth to it. The processes she led us through helped me to feel so much more trusting and supported by my masculine and by God. I was able to release the negative charge I carried around it.

During our time together, I began to have very vivid dreams, received healing from 3 past relationships with the masculine this way. I also signed a new 1:1 client, and began receiving guidance on creating a new group program!

I’m so grateful to Juliet for this container, for giving me practices I can continue to do daily, and for helping me to shift my paradigm completely around my inner masculine! This is the true healing work that so many women need right now!"

Brie Pugh / Spiritual Life Coach


"Before Juliet, I was feeling very stuck and frustrated with my work. I had been doing a similar thing for 10 years and although I knew I needed a change, I couldn’t see a way forward.

Juliet empowered me to clarify my vision for what I am here to offer as my medicine to the world right now. I was able to let go of old beliefs and assumptions about how I thought I should work, or was expected to work, and a whole new way opened up for me.

I have completely changed the way I practice my healing work now. I have let go of my attachment to other people’s expectations, and let go of my attachment to doing things 'right,' and have allowed a more spontaneous, authentic and intimate way of healing come forward.

I have also developed ways of creating a positive and enthusiastic state of mind, what Juliet might refer to as a higher frequency. This has had a great effect on my life overall, enabling me to access my intuition and creativity in a more efficient and easeful way. 

I have reshaped the way I work. A whole new program has dropped down for me that I am currently weaving into existence on this plane. I have offered a women’s circle and a day retreat with excellent numbers and easeful completion. Next year I am offering 4 new ways of working with me, teaching things that I have wanted to teach for some years.

I feel much more certain of my vision and my dedication to my soul path has really clarified and expanded. I also feel that there is so much more room for growth, expansion and flow than I knew was possible before. My connection with Spirit is strong and clear, and many new ways and channels are opening up for me.

I would like to share my gratitude for having the opportunity to work with Juliet. Her insights were unique and inspiring. Her enthusiasm, courage and persistence were and still are greatly appreciated. Juliet’s skill is to open up the field and show you the whole matrix. It’s like being lifted up into the air and seeing your life from the Moon."

Melissa Abrahams  Ritual Facilitator, Wise Woman and Retreat Leader


"My biggest challenge before working with Juliet was increasing my ticket price. I’ve implemented the energy practices and the structure, and was able to increase my offer prices for groups and still working on 1:1.

I’m continuing with Hieros Gamos - the inner masculine/feminine work, and integrating it into my life and business.

Juliet’s medicine addresses all realms. I have already recommended her to several people in my community, many of whom are now following her.

I signed on my 1:1 client at the full price, and it's all thanks to you. So much Gratitude."


Windy Zarah / Energy Healer and Mentor


"I joined Juliet’s mastermind just as that time when I was feeling depleted for doing the same things, not even expecting different outcomes anymore.

Juliet’s coaching brought me to a new perspective: a unique combination of down to earth process and strategies and a more personal and aligned approach to the business. 

I gained more confidence in my abilities, and most importantly, I feel more in-tune with myself – something that I haven’t allowed myself to experience for a long time."

Mayda Poc / Career and Life Coach


My biggest challenge before coaching with Juliet was being VERY clear about WHO I could help transform their health, and embodying the income I believed I was worthy of receiving.

I learned how to niche my offer, craft appropriate messages, and raise my standards so I could command a higher price point for my services.

My results were extremely profound, with the quality of my leads and my income.

After 2 weeks of fully embracing the techniques and strategies, I enrolled 3 people in a new high end program in 1 week, and booked over 10k in sales. Not only that, other aspects of my business were improving, which resulted in 18k in total sales, a 5 fold increase from the average monthly income the previous year.

Her approach is COMPLETE (addressing the spiritual and grounded/strategic aspect of business), and perfect for conscious entrepreneurs who want to make a meaningful impact on others lives, as well as their own.

Derek Henry / Holistic Health Mentor - Digestive and Autoimmune Specialist, and Founder of Healing the Body


"I was struggling to find clarity and vision. I learned that my future self and all the dreams and desires I possess are right in front of me if I simply step into my soul power and truth, and allow my visions to come to life. 

I now know action is the cure to indecision, and I don't have to be perfect or have it all figured out in order to take the next step. 

I healed a past relationship, and got featured in a magazine article. Juliet's approach is very practical, and she has many tools to help you."

Christy Rodriguez Self-love Coach

A percentage of your coaching investment will be going to a chosen animal sanctuary or Church by Juliet.

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