Are You Ready to Deepen Your...

 Fulfillment, Alignment, Consciousness, Purpose, and Connection 

You Are the Master of Your Destiny

Is It Time for You to Reclaim Your Birthright?

You Are Born a Creator

Is It Time for You to Reclaim Your Birthright?

As an awakened man or woman for the new paradigm, you have the choice to not only create an epic life for yourself, but also say yes to your higher purpose, and be of greater service to inspire the world.   

To do this, you must first unlock the TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE: an infinite and powerful creatrix/creator who is here to fully self-actualize, express and expand in every way; centered in your ESSENCE AND PERFECTION just as you are. 

My mission in life is to support you in ALCHEMIZING anything that is no longer working for you into more vibrance, fulfillment, radiance, connection, flow, abundance (abundance is, and goes beyond money) , and contribution. The side effects also include more fun, laughter, impact, and pleasure. 

Along the way, you become the person you are DESTINED to be. 

This is an invitation for you to receive high-level spirit-led and result-oriented mentoring so that you can bridge the worlds, and show up at your highest level in your personal and professional life. 

Will you accept this invitation? 


For the awakened women and men who work with psychedelics for expansion and optimization, and desire to harness the wisdom from their visionary states to rekindle their vibrance, power and purpose, and TRANSFORM all areas of their lives.

Results to Expect:

  • Having a complete repertoire of essential and hands-on teachings, resources, tools and processes for before, in between, or after your journey/s to create powerful breakthroughs for you to ignite your highest possibilities in life
  • Removing fears, self-sabotaging thinking and habits that are in the way between you and your greatness, and tapping into the wisdom of your radiant higher self to step into your next level in self-image, relationships, work, health and spiritual growth
  • Tapping into your higher purpose and mission, clarifying your goals for the next exciting next chapter of your life, and taking aligned actions to bridge where you are and where you want to be

The Creator Map is also perfect for retreat leaders who are looking for integration support for their groups. Please contact Juliet HERE for details and a customized quote.


For the awakened woman or man who desires to upgrade a focused area of her/his life in a short period of time.

The Intensive Can Be Used for:

  • Maximizing the insights you've experienced from an awakening initiation (plant medicine, meditation bootcamp, etc.) and practically applying them in a chosen focused area of your life (self-development, relationships, profession, or spiritual growth) to uplevel
  • Graciously identifying and transitioning out of a limiting habit, pattern or circumstance, and getting clear on your next step to create the next chapter of your life
  • Mapping out an aligned plan of action for the next stage of your growth with customized tools and strategies


For the heart-led and purpose driven entrepreneur, leader, business owner, healer, coach or visionary who is looking to manifest their highest potential in life, business and spiritual growth, embrace their sacred destiny, and UPLEVEL AND EXPAND IN EVERY WAY.

Results to Expect:

  • Optimizing every aspect of who you are which translates to unleashing your brilliance, magnetizing more amazing people and opportunities into your life and business, and aligning every area of your life with your higher purpose
  • Identifying and removing decades (and lifetimes) of unconscious psycho-emotional blockages and limiting habits that have been holding you back from your personal, professional and spiritual expansion and potential
  • Embracing, embodying, and manifesting your most authentic desires with ease and grace while deepening your connection with the higher power within
  • Fully serving the mission you came to earth to fulfill, boosting your connection, flow, productivity and creativity, and powerfully contributing to your community and the world

You will receive 7 months of high-level and strategic mentorship, daily Voxer access to your mentor, as well the complete Vision Embodiment System with done-for-you templates, workbooks, activations, exercises and essential teachings to support your journey every step of the way. 

If you are looking to explore 1:1 Private Vision Embodiment Coaching and Mentoring but do not work with psychedelics, you can apply HERE.