Are You Ready to Deepen Your...

 Fulfillment, Alignment, Consciousness, Purpose, and Connection 

I Coach Conscious and Heart-Led Achievers to Embody Their Birthright as the Visionary Creators They Are Born to Be 

I Coach Conscious and Heart-Led Achievers to Embody Their Birthright as the Visionary Creators They Are Born to Be 

"We are generally afraid to become that which we can glimpse in our most perfect moments...We enjoy and even thrill to the godlike possibilities we see in ourselves...And yet we simultaneously shiver with weakness, awe, and fear before these very same possibilities. - Abraham Maslow

As an awakened man or woman of the new paradigm, you have the choice to not only create an epic and abundant life for yourself, but also say yes to your higher purpose, and be an influencer in the world.

To do this, you must operate from the TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE: an infinite, wholesome and powerful creatrix/creator who is here to fully self-actualize, express and expand in every way.

You can only be as extraordinary and impactful in your life, business and leadership as you are in your frequency, consciousness and choices, coupled with aligned strategies and actionable steps.

It is my calling to show you how to create your highest success from an elevated inner reality.

Our journey is a deep dive that is designed around your needs and vision, and most importantly, the energetic blueprint of the illuminated creator you are destined to be in this lifetime, aka. your potential. 

In addition to my multidisciplinary approaches, I also invest 5 figures annually into training with experts and mentors. This is my devotion to the work I am born to do. 

I am 100% committed to offering you masterful coaching and expert guidance because...

Living as a lesser version of Who You Truly Are no longer serves you, and you know IT IS TIME to activate your potential, experience deepest personal growth, and fully unleash your vision.

This is an invitation for you to receive high-level personalized and result-oriented coaching so you can embody your highest level - in creativity, performance, and results. 

Will you accept this invitation? 


This powerful one on one 8-Week Coaching Intensive is for the conscious achiever who is ready for rapid and powerful transformation on all levels, tap into their purpose and brilliance, and quantum leap to their next level results in life and business - aligned with their purpose and spiritual expansion.

Results to Expect:

  • Receiving laser-focused support to upgrade your mindset and habits, and most importantly, your energetic frequency to hold, embody, and construct your reality from your highest creative level
  • Identifying and releasing the blind spots that have been holding you captive from your personal, professional and spiritual expansion
  • Rekindling your passions, re-clarifying your goals and vision, and embodying your next highest creative level so that you can create more alignment, fulfillment, abundance, success, and impact
  • Integrating all aspects of who you are, and awakening to both the feminine and masculine creative energies within to operate your life and business from a place of wholeness, ease, and flow. Without sacrificing sleep and family time.

You will receive weekly calls, daily Voxer access to me, and three training modules from my Vision Embodiment System. We start this powerful journey with a virtual or in-person VIP Half Day Intensive in my waterfront home in New York City to map out a plan for you to quantum leap. 

Click on button below to go to the program page to learn the details, and use application within the page to apply for a complementary 30-minute activation call with me. 


This intensive maps out an individualized plan for you to embody your highest creative level and flow in life and business.

Results to expect:

  • Fully activating your zone of genius, talents and gifts with Juliet's unique activation process to increase your creativity, productivity, performance, presence, focus, and SELF-MASTERY
  • Identifying and releasing stagnant energy, unconscious triggers, sabotaging habits and limiting patterns that have been holding you back from quantum leaping to your next highest level of impact, income, success, and fulfillment
  • Mapping out your personalized system with daily practices and strategies for you to embody your highest creative level with ease and grace

The VIP Intensive is about 7-8 hours in length, and includes three training modules from my Vision Embodiment System. This can be done either virtually, or in-person in my waterfront home in New York City.

Click on button below to apply for a complementary 20-minute activation call with me.


This powerful and intimate journey is for those who are ready to fully step into their vision, greatness and impact, embrace their sacred destiny, and UPLEVEL AND EXPAND IN EVERY AREA OF their lives.

Results to Expect:

  • Optimizing every aspect of who you are which translates to unleashing your brilliance, unlocking your purpose, gifts and genius, magnetizing more amazing people and opportunities into your life, and aligning every area of your life with your highest level and possibilities
  • Identifying and removing decades (and lifetimes) of unconscious psycho-emotional blockages and limiting habits that have been holding you back from your personal, professional and spiritual growth and expansion
  • Clarifying, embodying, and manifesting your most authentic desires with ease and grace while deepening your connection with the higher power within
  • Fully activating your purpose and serving the mission you came to earth to fulfill, boosting your connection, flow, productivity and creativity, and powerfully contributing to your community and the world

You will receive 7 months of 1:1 mentorship, daily Voxer access to your mentor, as well the complete Vision Embodiment System with done-for-you templates, workbooks, activations, exercises and essential teachings to support your journey every step of the way. 


An 8-Week Psychedelic Integration Course To Living A Life Of Positivity, Power And Purpose - for those who are ready to integrate and uplevel.  

Results to Expect:

  • Identifying and releasing negative thoughts and habits that have been sabotaging your life, fulfillment and success
  • Integrating the lessons and wisdom from your psychedelic journeys and your higher self ON ALL LEVELS
  • Clarifying what you want, and replacing your fears and doubts with faith and aligned decisions to achieve your goals
  • Having a complete repertoire of tools, steps, practices and teachings to master clarity, mindfulness and inner-confidence any time you want, WITHOUT needing to rely on psychedelics or anything else

This is a self-paced course containing core teachings and strategies that you can complete anywhere, anytime. You will receive instant downloads of PDF lessons, audio downloads, workbooks and exercises I have successfully used to coach clients over the years to create breakthrough results in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.