You Can Be Spiritual, AND Wealthy

Some of the most profound lessons in life come out of your relationship with money.

One of my multi-million dollar mentor always says,

“How you do money is how you do everything.”

A long time ago, I believed “the awakened path” was to teach higher consciousness all day long, while taking care of everyone else’s needs except for my own.

  • Non-duality, ego death, oneness, enlightenment, spiritual awakening, shadow work, etc.
  • My email signature was “a spiritual being having a human experience.”
  • I invested in just about everything under the sun so I could heal one more shadow.
  • I channeled and journaled. My shelf was full of spiritual books.

I was CONVINCED if I’d just have all my skill sets, and a calling to help others, the rest would fall into place in my business (those naive days)!

Soon, living solely from my crown chakra landed me 17K in debt, and internal anger in the form of:

“What the hell am I missing, I’m spiritual AF!”

I was burnt out, and more stuck than ever, in addition to being broke.

It was a wake up call (one of the best).

It forced me to look deeper, much deeper than “surface spirituality” etc., and uncover the missing link.

When I finally rooted my energy down, and had a wealth awakening…

Everything (business, money, deeper fulfillment, etc.) began flowing from a beautifully integrated and embodied place within.

I realized:

If you are in a service-based business (coach, mentor, healer, etc.) because you feel you have a higher calling,

And you want to use your brilliance to make this planet a better place,

Then it’s your DUTY to become:

1. Masterful with MONEY

  • Healing the deep collective religious BS called “heart-centered people shouldn’t get rich.”
    Giving yourself permission to create wealth and talk about money (I’ve coached women in the past who can’t even talk about money, believing it’s dirty).
    Understanding money is a physical tool that is here to help you expand as well as getting your genius to reach a wider audience on our planet so we can make some REAL changes.

2. Masterful with the PHYSICAL

  • Taking a ton of action even when it’s scary.
  • Having an aligned business model, and packaging all your unique brilliance into TANGIBLE offers that take your clients through a high level transformation process.
  • Marketing from your own unique genius without muting parts of you due to fear of judgement or shame.

3. Masterful with the SELF

  • The Divine/God Self is infinitely abundant. She is SOURCE, EXPANSION, LOVE, and communes with you through DESIRE.
  • She NEVER speaks in the voice of fear, scarcity, poverty, constriction, or martyrdom (that’s your ego, hun).
  • Embody your highest Divine nature, in addition to your soul signature in your PHYSICAL BODY AND BUSINESS enables you to become the clearest vessel to carry out the mission you chose.

I can’t help you if you believe talking about business, success and money is too mundane for “higher consciousness.”

Frankly, I could care less about enlightenment, or how many cups of ayahuasca you drank.

I care about helping the women who know they have a higher destiny FULFILL it…

In brilliance, business, bank account, mission, and legacy. With power and grace.

  • If you are this woman coach, mentor or practitioner who sells transformation service to clients,
  • And you are ready (ready means you get to DECIDE this is the way going forward for yourself) to fully BRIDGE your unique brilliance and physical abundance in your business,
  • With aligned systems, structure, and a bit (or lots) of my soul’s magic,
  • Join me for my upcoming training.

10.06.19 @ 1 pm. It’ll be 60-75 minutes in length. Free of cost.

You’ll walk away with tons of gems.

Zoom Registration Link:


If Divine did not want you to be able to take your family on a one-month luxury vacation whenever you want to…

And wake up feeling supremely grateful and supported every morning for your contribution,

She would not have made you in the image and likeliness of her.


The spiritual entrepreneurs and the light workers ARE the conscious leaders and change makers who have been SOUL CONTRACTED to…

Take our planet to the next level of consciousness – through teaching their experiences to implement radical changes and inspire movements.

We need you to be well taken care of.

Zoom Registration Link:

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