You Think Rejecting Money Is Making You More Spiritual?

You think you are being more spiritual by rejecting money?

That’s exactly what’s keeping you broke.

I know in the spiritual space,

Powerful conscious entrepreneurs have been brainwashed to…

  • Give away their work for pennies to show they are humble and compassionate like Jesus.
  • Hang a “donation only” sign on their site, mixing business with charity while having neither.
  • Worship the dogma that abandoning all their material goods and living in a cave is enlightenment.
  • Be the nice girls and boys who put everyone’s needs above their own.
  • Sing the song called “the only abundance that matters is in soul.”


  • You have no cash.
  • You’re secretly resenting your business and mission.
  • You attract all the victims who have no intention to help themselves and ask for discounts.
  • You’re stuck AF in the eternal process of “needing more self-work.”
  • You are scrambling to pay rent, let alone donate to charity and help the kids in Africa.

Truth bomb:

You chose to be broke.

You are using spirituality to avoid getting uncomfortable.

You are scared of the unknown, of BEING, DOING, AND CREATING BIG in this world.

For as long as you hide in the shadow of the need to fix one more thing about yourself instead of taking that action you know you need to take…

For as long as you believe just sending a positive intention to the universe for it to be “manifested” is the way to evolve…

You don’t have to get out there and play it all out.

You don’t have to be seen in the vulnerability of your desire and expansion.

You don’t have to challenge the deeply wounded spiritual koolaid our entire world is drinking.

You get to play it safe.

And safety is killing you.

It’s killing your soul. It’s killing your calling.

It’s killing that part of you that DESIRES to be seen and fully self-expressed.

Money is the vehicle for expansion.

It’s much easier to avoid money, condemn capitalism and “the system,” and to hide in a cocoon….

Than to face your own discomfort of putting yourself and your vision out there.

Real personal development starts when you walk into the arena from the cave you’ve been meditating in.

  • When you are in this world doing real things with real people.
  • When you stand in your truth and power, and turn up the volume so the world hears you loud and clear.
  • When you invest 1000% of YOU, your time, efforts and financial resources into your business and mission because you truly believe you’re here to leave a legacy.
  • When you embrace the power of money and success, and use it to create conscious social change.
  • When you take radical responsibility of owning the SOVEREIGNTY of your consciousness, your choices, and EVERY ounce of your actions.
  • When you allow yourself to be seen in your THIRST for more. And more. AND MORE – tis the nature of expansion. Your primal evolutionary urge.

I don’t know about you, but I am here to create multi-million dollar empires.

I walked out of a certain personal development space after years because I couldn’t stomach the bullshit.

Talking about being a spiritual being having a human experience does not exempt any of us from fully living out this human experience.

I am here to have it all, and I like it this way.

Call me materialistic.

But while you’re singing kumbaya and planning your 300th ayahuasca journey…

I’m writing checks to Amazon Watch.

The time has come…

The dabblers will continue to dabble and swim in love and light.

The leaders…those who are born for more are called to rise and GO FULL IN.

  • We are here to merge the worlds.
  • We are here to harness the power of conscious wealth.
  • We are here to truly impact the world by fully utilizing our voice and gifts.
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