Your Highest Impact Comes from You Fully Showing Up

After publishing my last blog post “Awakened Leaders, Don’t Check Out,” I received a ton of responses from ambitious men and women who feel called to create their most epic lives on this planet.

If you haven’t read it, you can find this post HERE.

Many shared with me how much it resonated. A few women and men who know THIS IS THEIR TIME to rise to their highest creative level in their self-expression, businesses, spiritual growth and impact are stepping forward into my 8-week The Embodied Conscious Creator 1:1 Coaching Immersion.

One of them said to me in her coaching application,

“I just don’t want to hustle anymore. I want to create my success from an aligned and easeful place.”

Another shared in her application,

“I love that you are not up in the clouds, and your spirituality is grounded in the human experience.”

It’s interesting that more and more spiritual entrepreneurs, leaders and creators are awakening to the fact that OUR HIGHEST IMPACT does not come from us meditating in a cave; being detached from “the mundane,” aka. this human/material existence.

It comes from us fully showing up, speaking up, claiming our desires, and creating passion projects, businesses, conscious wealth, communities, and legacies that not only serve our highest good, but also the highest good of all.

The truth is, I was there…

I WAS that nondualistic person many years ago with a fire in my heart to help and inspire others to awaken to their highest wisdom within, and no money to pay bills.

I was living purely in, and from my upper chakras (energy centers). I had vision, knowledge and skills, but no embodiment, wisdom, or aligned actions.

I struggled and created from lack, fear, self-doubt and exhaustion. Oh, and bypassing. You know, those rules called,

“Spiritual people should do this and shouldn’t do that.”

You may want to f**k the rules if you have a vision that’s larger than life, just saying.

After extensive self-work and investing (5 figures annually) in experts and mentors, I realized my highest creations, contributions and impact in this lifetime can only come from me SAYING YES TO my vision, fearlessly stepping into my zone of genius, and integrating and embodying every aspect of who I am AND CREATE FROM THIS PLACE:

Human and spirit
Feminine and masculine 
Heart’s wisdom and mind’s intellect
Intuition and action
Being and doing 
Individual consciousness and universal consciousness

The moment I EMBODIED this, rapid transformation occurred. We are talking about achieving amazing results in weeks and months.

What I’m walking you through in my 8-week The Embodied Conscious Creator Coaching Immersion is the step-by-step activations, practices, strategies and processes that allowed me to embody my highest creative level in every area of my life.

The curriculum has been revamped to include a ton of insights I received from visionary states, my integration, embodiment and creation process, as well as the wisdom codes from my 7 and 8-figure mentors who are wildly and consciously successful and impactful.

It’s time to stop hiding and pretending you don’t desire what you desire, or you are anything less than who you are.

You know you are meant for something much grander.
You have messages and gifts that are here to CHANGE LIVES.
You are the HIGHEST POWER there is in this universe.

Yes, you can achieve all this without hustling and killing your well-being (something high-achieving folks do a lot, and I was guilty of that as well), and STILL BE spiritual, aligned, and empowered.

I know we live in a world where we’ve been taught this: success = working your ass off, ditching time with your family and friends, and replacing sleep with more time in the grind.

You may build your empire that way, but your health and relationships end up suffering as a result of an internal disconnect – operating from a misaligned place within (hint: at any time when anything in your life feels “off,” whether in health or finances, it means it’s time to course-correct. It is the universe letting you know that there is a better way).

There is a higher, more conscious, and more aligned way…it comes from claiming a sovereign state of being and upgrading your inner operating system – the core of my coaching.

You simply cannot activate any of your highest possibilities until you give yourself the permission to RISE, and SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY.

Your highest impact does not come from you “trying to be more positive and accepting,” bypassing the body, the mind, money, and physical life, or, “I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing and hope for different results.”

Your highest impact comes from OWNING every aspect of WHO YOU ARE. And, you are ALL OF IT.

Create your purpose.
Create your vision. 
Create! This is your birthright. You may as well exercise it.

Your loved ones, business, company, community, those on your team, and this world benefit the most from you when you allow yourself to…

BE YOU, DO YOU, but from the highest, clearest, most powerful, and unified place.

In the end, you are a physical vessel for something that is infinitely grander than you. It desires what you desire, and it WANTS to experience Its desires THROUGH YOU, AS YOU.

If you are a conscious and driven entrepreneur, leader, creator or business owner, and see yourself being powerfully supported to BECOME the person you envision yourself to be, and elevate your personal, professional and spiritual life all at the same time, APPLY HERE for a clarity and activation call with me to see how I can support you in bridging vision and reality.

This is high-level 1:1 intensive work which means you’ll have coaching access to me on a daily basis.

I dedicate 100% of myself to each client and bring my highest standard into leading them to their highest creative levels, so I only work with a limited number of men and women at a time.

We launch your legacy with a VIP half day with me either virtually, or in my waterfront home in New York City where we will map out a visionary plan for you to quantum leap.

Where do you see yourself in 8 weeks?

For most people, it is exactly where they are.

Or, you have the choice to be launching yourself into this world as the visionary leader and creator you DESIRE to be.


“He not busy being born is busy dying.” – Bob Dylan


Although most of my clients work with psychedelics for expansion, if this truly resonates with you and you see yourself receiving high-impact support in your life, business and spiritual growth, but you don’t work with psychedelics, I invite you to apply HERE.

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